Review: “Pitch Perfect 2”

Pitch Perfect worked because it never took its subject too seriously. To the new crop of Bellas, A cappella wasn’t much different than any of the others extra-curricular clubs with booths at Barden’s activities fair, besides the coincidence that they actually had singing talent. It was a gateway to meeting friends and having fun in college, […]

Review: “Tracks”

As one of the most pleasant surprises so far this year, “Tracks” is a meditative film following Robyn Davidson, who, in 1977, longed to find solace and sought it on a 1,700-mile trek through the desert of West Australia. It’s a generous film, based on Davidson’s National Geographic expose and subsequent memoir, about a her adventure as a beautiful young woman (Mia […]

Review: “Safety Not Guaranteed”

It was decorated with independent film awards in 2012, including the Waldo Salt Screewriting Award from Sundance, the Overlooked Film of the Year from Phoenix Film Critics, the Independent Spirit Award for Best First Screenplay, and an ALMA Award to Aubrey Plaza for her dynamite performance as a Seattle-based magazine intern named Darius. “Safety Not […]