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The Golden Globes are over and I still don’t know what I’m supposed to watch for the next month

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“Three Billboards” is fiction, but damn if it doesn’t seem real


Mildred doesn’t care about whatever your shit is.

Mildred only cares that the police find the person who raped and murdered her daughter, so she’s buying three billboards just outside of town, down the hill from her home, to remind those police of her thoughts on their job performance thus far. She’s Angela Hayes’ mom. And she has no filter, nor a sense of boundaries. And in a small town, that’ll piss people off.

Dixon’s a heavy-drinking, short-tempered cop with an awful reputation.

Police chief Willoughby is the one in the middle — a middle space otherwise sparsely populated in “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” a good film whose story feels so soberingly real and topical now for it being just a work of fiction. That divide being what it is, it paints an extremely unforgiving portrait of rural Missouri. The fictional town of Ebbing has Mildred in one corner, Dixon in another and all matter of uneducated, racist, perverted people littered in between. It’s the story of a terrible tragedy, just in a town occupied by a bunch of horse-riding Roy Moores and crazed Donald Trumps in the cockpit of a semi-truck.

So, “Three Billboards” can be laugh-out-loud funny, unless if you’re, let’s say, from rural Missouri or something. Mildred’s great, a bandana-wearing prize fighter with a championship belt in ripping you to shreds. Dixon’s what you worry the police officers you see on the news are actually like, so you can’t enjoy him as much. The spectrum of where certain things in this movie land between enjoying the Mildred character to taking a hard look at Dixon is part of what makes this or any other dramedy click.

It means there’s a lot happening in the movie. There is. But trying to weed through it all, what I think the film is ultimately about is the civil conflict itself between a lone agitator and the community. It’s about what happens when the moral center of that conflict is taken away. The answer is total chaos; at least, that’s the projection writer/director Martin McDonagh provides. The town comes completely unhinged — I tend to think that’s a pretty realistic way of seeing it, in the radical climate of our world today.

“Three Billboards” becomes a lot of things along the way. It can be a murder mystery, a story about physical illness, a statement about policing and racism, a satire. And you may latch onto a different story than the one I did. But as I see it, the story about a civil conflict spun out of control is a good one.

It feels like it understands the real thing maybe a bit more than it actually does.

“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”: ★★★

NBC wants Tina and Amy back for the Golden Globes

tina-fey-amy-poehlerIt’s early yet, but Deadline is reporting that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have been approached to host the Golden Globe awards for a second consecutive year after their roaring 20-million-viewer success this year.

The SNL alums are often considered among the top women in comedy and that’s even before their hilarious back-and-forth at the Globes. Their hosting, highlighted by many disguises and cheery quirks, made the dry Oscars seem even more parched by awful host Seth MacFarlane.

Deadline reports that NBC hasn’t made a formal offer to the pair, only attempting to set out a barometer to gauge their interest in the gig, which is set to be on Jan. 12. We hope their interest in doing it again is as much as our interest is in watching it again.

The Oscars, as touched on before, were not nearly the success the Globes were. MacFarlane was horrendous, his jokes not hitting like Poehler and Fey’s. The reason, I think, is because MacFarlane is kind of an outsider of the Academy crowd. Poehler and Fey are titans of industry and well-respected in front of the Golden Globe audience. Also, they’re just funnier.

However, the Academy’s new hope is Ellen Degeneres, who’s slated to return as the Oscars host. She, along the lines of Poehler and Fey, is a much more spotlighted star. Her daytime talk show is probably the best on television. However, it’s worth mentioning that the Oscars hosting gig is much more elaborate.

Deadline writes, “unlike the Oscars, which are a massive undertaking requiring about three months of prep work for the host(s), the Golden Globes are not as labor intensive for hosts, who don’t have as big a role on the free-wheeling show.”

Maybe that was the best part about the Globes. Fey and Poehler didn’t have to do too much, but what they did was perfect.