<i>Master of None</i> Season 2 is great TV

Master of None Season 2 is great TV

“Amarsi Un Po” showcases two of my favorite things about this season of Master of None: the Italian language and the staggering artistry of Aziz Ansari’s filmmaking. Continue reading

5 thoughts on the Emmy nominations or non-nominations

5 thoughts on the Emmy nominations or non-nominations

Sad isn’t it — the Emmy nominations are the first thing since March that I’ve chosen to comment on using this blogging platform. I’ve seen at least 10 movies since The Edge of Seventeen I’d like to review soon. I let all of Girls’ final season blow by … Continue reading

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“Girls”: A gay emergency

Stay tuned this weekend for my first take on Jessa and Adam’s “friendship.” Briefly below, let’s recap “Good Man” by evaluating the strained relationships of the Horvath family. The suggestion, based on Elijah’s reaction (“It got gayer?”) to Hannah’s emergency call, is that Hannah has been babysitting her parents, a mediator between Tad and Loreen, … Continue reading

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“Room” deserved better than Sacha Baron Cohen

Looming over the Academy Awards, a diversity issue. The Academy nominated an all-white group of actors and directors for the second year in a row. Chris Rock, the show’s host, did a really good job framing his monologue and subsequent bits around this topic. The pre-produced sketch inserting black actors into scenes from some of … Continue reading