“Room” deserved better than Sacha Baron Cohen

Looming over the Academy Awards, a diversity issue. The Academy nominated an all-white group of actors and directors for the second year in a row. Chris Rock, the show’s host, did a really good job framing his monologue and subsequent bits around this topic. The pre-produced sketch inserting black actors into scenes from some of […]

One big, heartfelt goodbye to Sally Draper

To say goodbye to a long-running television show is to see the characters you most adore fade away into a black screen and out of your life. For Mad Men and my attachment to it, that character is Sally Draper — in past, present and future tense — so it’s appropriate now to bid adieu to this show, […]

How Jessa won the fourth season of “Girls”

During the first three seasons, Jemima Kirke’s character, “Jessa,” was an extreme example of a girl in her 20s trying to find her way in the world. Compared to her friends on Girls, she’s an action taker and love maker. Or, as Adam astutely observed this season, she romps around the city like societal rules don’t […]