“Parks and Recreation”: Leslie, I always loved you

What Parks and Recreation did this year was magical. For as long as I’ve watched the show, an ominous cancellation cloud always seemed to hang over it. Would it be back next year or wouldn’t it? Even I questioned if it should get a seventh season. I wasn’t happy that Pawnee was recalling Leslie Knope from the […]

“Parks and Recreation”: Johnny Karate

For a show coming to an end this season, Parks and Recreation sure didn’t act like it during the first nine episodes. But it actually felt like we were being prepared for the end this week with two celebratory farewell episodes. Even so, only Parks could figure out a way to do something entirely unique and completely genius. Parks dedicates the […]

“Parks and Recreation”: Welcome to the Terror Dome

April doesn’t like conflict just as much as she doesn’t like disappointing Leslie, which makes it difficult for her to come clean about her feelings on working in government because she can’t tell Leslie without dealing with both conflict and disappointment. Leslie doesn’t want to hear it just as much as April doesn’t want to […]

“Parks and Recreation”: Roast it and toast it

One sip of wine is more than enough to get the parents of three little monsters a bit toasty at Donna and Joe’s rehearsal dinner, and that’s where Leslie and Ben fall in line. It’s been too long since the rowdy couple got drunk, so, for goodness sake, let them splurge all they want! Get […]