“New Girl”: Nick has a crush on a robber

Megan Fox is Raegan, a visiting pharmaceutical sales rep with a cold heart. Or, if case Schmidt’s lonely hearts theory is correct, she’s a loner who’s never loved or been loved. Nick’s courting her to sublet Jess’ room for the month she’s in town. He loved her the second he saw her. She’s out of his league. “She’s […]

“New Girl”: No girl

New Girl opens up its first episode sans-Jess with our favorite tenants watching a news story about a headlining trial and its especially inquisitive juror — Jess, sketched raising her hand like her know-it-all student. This, as I wondered last week, is how the show is keeping its lead character living and breathing on the other […]

“New Girl”: Kids, huh?

Jess was already gone, left to go away for jury duty, but had one more joke built in, in the shape of a bowl filled with slips of motherly advice, umbrella sentences that could be universally applied like, “Nick stop doing that.” They’re meant to last, for the gang to pace themselves, but some time […]