“Girls”: Domo arigato, Shoshanna Shapiro

Shoshanna Shapiro’s greatest fear will always be of sticking with someone who keeps her from growing into the fully-formed woman she was placed on this earth to be. It’s why she broke up with Ray. It’s why she moved to Japan for a job. It’s not a debilitating fear. Rather, it pushes Shosh to live more […]

“Girls”: A gay emergency

Stay tuned this weekend for my first take on Jessa and Adam’s “friendship.” Briefly below, let’s recap “Good Man” by evaluating the strained relationships of the Horvath family. The suggestion, based on Elijah’s reaction (“It got gayer?”) to Hannah’s emergency call, is that Hannah has been babysitting her parents, a mediator between Tad and Loreen, […]

“Girls”: Eight weddings

“Beach House,” a season three episode of Girls, opened to a grand picture of a beautiful vacation home and Marnie standing on its balcony. It’s rather therapeutic, which the weekend getaway Marnie has planned for she, Hannah, Shosh and Jessa is meant to be. Yet, nothing goes as she planned because they don’t really play by […]

How Jessa won the fourth season of “Girls”

During the first three seasons, Jemima Kirke’s character, “Jessa,” was an extreme example of a girl in her 20s trying to find her way in the world. Compared to her friends on Girls, she’s an action taker and love maker. Or, as Adam astutely observed this season, she romps around the city like societal rules don’t […]