My wife and I watch the Golden Globes together every year. Like lots of other people, we really enjoy seeing our favorite stars on the red carpet,* then rooting for them once they get inside and the trophies start getting passed around. Often, we haven’t seen, yet, a lot of what’s nominated, especially in the categories for movies. So, functionally, the Golden Globes are our way of plotting out the next month-and-a-half of movies to see (the next year of TV to catch up on, too), so we’re a little more educated come the Oscars. Still, we’ll make guesses for each award … at one point last night, I think she was 1 for the first 7, and I was 0-for-7. It felt like the ones everybody said would win weren’t, so, naturally, we were guessing incorrectly.

(*Though, we didn’t watch any red carpet coverage this year; instead, that Chicago Bears game.)

For TV, the Golden Globes were still very prosperous for our watch lists.* For film… I still have no idea what I’m supposed to watch for the next month and a half; specifically, what I’m supposed to watch so that I will have watched the winners of the Academy’s golden statues.

(*However, in spite of its success, nothing made me want to go watch “The Kominsky Method.”)

It’s probably because my mind is so boggled by “Bohemian Rhapsody” winning Best Picture – Drama and Rami Malek subsequently winning Best Actor – Drama. Don’t get me wrong: It’s a movie I definitely enjoyed, but it feels like a surprise to have, like, picked correctly at the theater one night already. Best Picture? History tells us the Golden Globes have been indicators of how the Academy will vote, so you’re telling me the Queen movie is a frontrunner? Yeah? I think it feels weird to have already seen the movie that won the big prize last night, instead of having an exhaustive list like 2018 when my wife and I knew we really needed to get busy seeing “Three Billboards,” “Lady Bird,” “Get Out,” “I, Tonya,” and “The Post,” at least.

This year, I feel no more obliged to see “A Star is Born” than I did at the start of the night, and now we’ve got to track down a theater, if any, where “Green Book” may still be showing.

Perhaps this time the Golden Globes will not be an indicator of what’s to come. After all, the films in contention this year felt far more mainstream, or popular, than ever before (the likes of “Black Panther,” “Crazy Rich Asians” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”). In that way, they also somehow felt weaker. Olivia Coleman’s competition for comedy or musical Best Actress? Never a doubt she was going to win the day there; in fact, even when the Best Actress categories are combined for the Oscars, I’ve gotta believe she’s the clear favorite* now.

(*No pun intended!)

I expect the results of the night to the casual viewer could be vindicating. The biggest successes were of the Queen movie and “Green Book.” There were significant nominations for Mary Poppins, “Crazy Rich Asians” and “Black Panther.” The popular taste was acknowledged — at last! — at an annual awards show that historically has lived far more on the fringe, rewarding smaller movies, like “If Beale Street Could Talk,” that A-Listers throw some cash into, like Octavia Spencer, to help make happen. I’m not complaining. My wife and I have less work to do at the theater than in years past. That’s fine, just surprising.


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