“Game of Thrones”: 3 moments from “Home”


Caution: watch for crossing spoilers

“Home” upped the bloodshed to a much healthier Game of Thrones level this week and still covered a lot of ground — even bringing Bran out of hibernation. But there were some huge shakeups to the royal orders at Castle Black, Winterfell and Pyke, and that’s where we start with the five craziest moments from Sunday, in descending order.

. . . The scene at Castle Black was 7 minutes, 46 seconds long. It answered the biggest lingering question of the last nine months, a secret which Kit Harington felt so guilty about concealing that he apologized after the episode aired. It also brings to light this: We’ve been asking the wrong umbrella question. (Does that bother anyone else?) Is Jon Snow alive? Well, no, he wasn’t. For last week’s “Red Woman,” Jon was dead. He had to be, to be carried off the ground and into a room (at the very least) unless he achieved the ninja heart rate of Harry Potter being carried by Hagrid on a long walk by to Hogwarts. The question we were really asking: Will Jon come back to life?

Yes, he does.

It’s objectively rather anti-climatic, but I was still practically rolling off the lip of my couch slowly as a stared at the plasma screen. If you read theories over the break, you knew this was one of them — the one that seemed most realistic. Davos asks Melisandre to try to bring him back to life. She begrudgingly accepts, although doubting that she ever even had such powers. She does the spell and leaves the room when it doesn’t immediately work, followed soon by Tormund and Davos. Still, the scene lingers. Ghost, asleep, jerks awake and then suddenly Jon’s gasping for air.

Entertainment Weekly has known for months the secret the whole world was thirsty for, so definitely check out their next cover story. I will, and I’m sure you, too, because Jon’s fate probably has a massive, positive approval rating. But after one question’s answered, there’s another: He lives, but at what cost?

Remember Beric Dondarrion? (Quick refresher) I can’t help but think of him when I wonder what Jon’s life will be like now. Is Jon immortal? Does Jon remember being killed?

How will Melisandre react to her spell working? How will everyone else, especially Tormund, react when Jon comes walking out of that room?

. . . It’s not the Red Wedding, but it’s in the same category.

Ramsay executes his entire family, including his newborn brother, which overthrows the Dreadfort/Winterfell order to put himself in power. It puts his level of panic in perspective. Although he’d never vocalize it, he’s clearly losing confidence that he’ll track down Sansa who was supposed to be a big piece of the puzzle in him gaining power. Moreover, he lost patience with his father, Roose, who continually threatened Ramsay’s order in the royal family with the possibility of Walda having a boy.

He stabs Roose while hugging him, which is so like his dad (see: Red Wedding). Walda and her newborn get the worst of it, and if you didn’t turn away from the screen, you’re crazy. Ramsay unleashes his dogs and they, presumably, rip her and her baby apart.

With that, Ramsay gives us the most WTF moment of “Home.”

. . . Meet Euron Greyjoy, long lost brother of Balon. His sudden, stormy return to Pyke ends with him pushing Balon to his death over the edge of a bridge. (By the way, is Pyke just the worst place to live? Who wants to spend their life getting from Point A to B on swinging bridges, especially during a storm?) So, who’s going to run Pyke now? It’s pretty clear Euron came back for it. Balon would want Yara, his daughter, to be in command and she argues for it, but it doesn’t seem like others see eye-to-eye with her.

But please, let Yara run the show.



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