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“Girls”: Eight weddings


“Beach House,” a season three episode of Girls, opened to a grand picture of a beautiful vacation home and Marnie standing on its balcony. It’s rather therapeutic, which the weekend getaway Marnie has planned for she, Hannah, Shosh and Jessa is meant to be. Yet, nothing goes as she planned because they don’t really play by Marnie’s rules.

The opening picture of “Wedding Day,” this first episode of season five, is certainly influenced by “Beach House” and seemingly meant to trigger the memory of that episode. It’s Marnie’s wedding day, but it’s not going to be perfect. For one, Hannah still refuses to take Marnie and Desi’s relationship seriously. She’s selfishly upset Marnie’s marrying someone she (Hannah) doesn’t know, although it’s pretty clear she hasn’t tried to get to know him in the last six-or-so months — she’s too involved with Fran.

But the crazy bombshell hanging over this wedding is Desi’s history, his eight engagements. Nobody knows until he starts to panic at zero hour, then it’s revealed to Ray and Fran who passes it along to Hannah. Interestingly, no one decides to tell Marnie. Why?

Ray surprisingly chases after Desi to talk some sense into him, although Desi doesn’t take it in the way Ray intends. Ray’s in love with Marnie, but I don’t think his idea of their love story involves her first engagement going down in flames, and so I don’t think, for that reason, he wants to barge in and tell her something Desi ought to.

All this time, he’s waiting for two things to happen: one, for Desi to wise up and realize he’s not good enough for her, thus letting her go; two, for Marnie then to realize she loves Ray. He may sometimes be overly-passionate and bluntly frank with people, but he’s not an intrusive person. He doesn’t want to be an invisible hand in their relationship.

I think Hannah legitimately gets put in her place. She has not tried to get to know Desi. She has not tried to be an important part of Marnie’s life in a long time. So, it’s just not her place to step in. She realizes, good or bad, Marnie deserves to make these choices on her own. If she finds, she finds out. (No way she doesn’t find out, right?)

And now this:

  • Marnie and Jessa wear very similar head pieces and dresses on their wedding days. Jessa’s marriage was a train wreck. Will Marnie’s be similar? Is this something?
  • Memorable guest appearance by Bridget Everett, an Inside Amy Schumer regular.
  • I unconditionally love this recurring image of Ray, now this powerful politician, in this humongous, cushy leather chair. It’s like this throne that puts him in a position of power, and that comes through in his conversation with Fran where he’s asking him about his intentions with Hannah. He’s like an intimidating father figure who has taken his teenaged daughter’s prom date into his den for private conversation.
  • The other amazing thing, of so many, that happens on the guys’ side of things is the back-and-forth between Fran and Adam. It’s so good, and I have graciously transcribed that interaction for you here:
    Fran: Hey man
    Adam: Hey-ey-ey-ey-ey
    F: I’m, uh, just
    A: How, how um
    F: Oh, um, nothin’ going, but um
    A: Oh, good, good, good
    F: Look, if you need me to, uh, I can just
    A: No. No, no, no
    F: I can just
    A: No, I think with the, the uh
    F: But it’s
    A: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
  • Lastly, something I imagine I’ll write a significant amount about next week: Jessa and Adam are secretly seeing each other. (Finally!) Look, if you didn’t see this coming, go queue up season four and watch “Female Author” again.

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