“New Girl”: Nick has a crush on a robber


Megan Fox is Raegan, a visiting pharmaceutical sales rep with a cold heart. Or, if case Schmidt’s lonely hearts theory is correct, she’s a loner who’s never loved or been loved. Nick’s courting her to sublet Jess’ room for the month she’s in town.

He loved her the second he saw her. She’s out of his league.

“She’s hot and she’s cool and she’s bisexual,” Nick explains to Winston from across the bar, as he comes to grips with his long-shot odds. “That means she likes men and women. I can’t compete with that. That’s too many people.

“That’s all the people!”

New Girl‘s “Raegan” episode is the one we’ve been waiting for since we heard Fox would be subbing in for Zooey Deschanel. It starts, and continues, rather slowly, but finishes impressively strong with Nick and Winston’s conversation above, a great sequence with Winston’s cop partner Aly (Nasim Pedrad) and a knockout hotel ending.

To bring Fox into the fold and give Raegan instant friend equity, show runner Liz Meriwether (who makes an appearance and good zinger this week) draws a line to Cece. The two uncommonly attractive people hooked up during their appearance on MTV’s Spring Break House together. (Does Jess know about this?) Their history makes Schmidt jealous. He, like Nick, now thinks he has the fight off men and women for a girl he loves. Ultimately, Raegan teaches him to spend less time thinking about how unbelievable it is that Cece picked him and more time being thankful she did.

And because Nick and Schmidt get grouped together in this feeling of being over-matched in their pursuits, we can draw this comparison: If Schmidt can win Cece’s heart, who’s to say Nick can’t win Raegan’s?

Whether he should or not is a different argument.

But he hears the music, feels the magic. What does that look like? It’s Raegan in slow motion making a perfect old fashioned at the bar. A shot of Nick shows him in a trance, music drowning out the white noise. Then, a contrasting cut to Wintson and Aly shows them carrying on normally, the music no louder than usual.


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