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“New Girl”: e-Broccoli


I have one major problem with New Girl‘s Jake Johnson-directed episode, “Bob & Carol & Nick & Schmidt,” besides its title being way too long to type any more often than in this first sentence. It’s the egregious hotel scene tacked on at the end.

This is what it looks like when New Girl tries to keep Jess too alive. Like, I get it. It is sad Cece has to go wedding dress shopping alone — and, additionally, whatever else she’s forced to do without her maid of honor. (Aren’t there bridesmaids?) But the gang goes to Jess’ hotel, shouts toward her window from the sidewalk, and by some miracle she hears them and has large signs drawn to share with Cece that she, too, thinks her dress is awful. But she can fix it?

Besides the fact that the woman is so clearly a body double, I can’t get over how cheesy this scene was and how much I disliked it. I want Zooey Deschanel around as much as the next person, but I don’t need her that badly — and I don’t think New Girl does either.

What has happened between Cece and Winston during the last two episodes is really sweet and entertaining. Even if Jess was around, I’m not sure I wouldn’t have wanted Winston also to go dress shopping with them. Throughout past seasons, Lamorne Morris has established himself a hilarious feminine side and he uses that in this episode.

Although he’s only there to drop Cece off at the dress parlor, he goes inside anyway. He and Cece get drunk and have a fabulous fashion show as he, holding a bottle of champagne, dangles all over this parlor couch. When it turns outs they’ve chosen an ugly dress, he tries to make it right by putting on his police uniform and framing the store into letting Cece return it. It doesn’t work, but the kind notion merits a bridesmaid invitation. So, yes, Winston is a bridesmaid and groomsman.

Their growing friendship is one of the best developments of the post-Jess New Girl episodes so far.

Of course, there are still antics from Nick and Schmidt, who, this episode, are in the midst of a debate of whether or not Nick should impregnate his cousin’s wife at their request. After it turns out a sperm donation isn’t affordable, Bob and Carol ask Nick to have sex with her. And look, any time this show has brought that Chicago, or I guess Boston in this case, flair to an episode, it has been a riot.


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