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Review: “The Intern”


In The Intern, Anne Hathaway’s role would be characterized under the umbrella of a charismatic, nice, young woman — a role I wish she’d take, or get, more often. It’s what she did best after being Andy Sachs in one of my favorite films, The Devil Wears Prada, in what is her best performance to date. Since that 2006 film and through 2010, Hathaway shined in those kinds of comedies, Rachel Getting MarriedLove & Other Drugs, and Valentine’s Day. She’s young entrepreneur Jules Osten in The Intern, opposite Robert De Niro, and she’s a absolute delight.

So, too, is De Niro, who plays Osten’s 70-year-old senior personal intern, adviser, driver, secretary, babysitter, life coach, and ultimately best friend. Frankly, he’s an aww-inducing old person. And he and Hathaway’s chemistry really clicks on screen, whether she’s talking him through creating a Facebook page or he’s talking her through relationship problems at home. The latter is the most outstanding scene in the film, a watershed moment for Hathaway’s character.

I was squealing in my seat during the film’s funniest sequence. De Niro and three employees of Osten’s fashion-for-all website, About the Fit, leave the home base on a mission to rescue an email from her mom’s computer that Jules accidentally sent. It calls her a terrorist, among other things. So De Niro, Jason (Adam DeVine), Davis (Zack Pearlman) and Lewis (Jason Orley) go to break into her parents’ house and computer to delete the email. An alarm goes off and all hell breaks loose.

It’s something I can’t remember seeing anywhere else and it’s comedy gold.

Both scenes show what’s great about the film. It’s equal parts dramatic and funny, cute and sweet. It’s a film with a lot of heart, about nice people doing nice things for each other. It’s a story about a young founder and CEO coming into her own, learning how to balance her ambitions with her personal life. It’s a film with positive feminist themes by Nancy Meyers, who’s also responsible for films like The Holiday (one of my favorites), Lohan’s The Parent TrapSomething’s Gotta GiveIt’s Complicated, and What Women Want. It’s super entertaining, a must-see.

“The Intern”: ★★★1/2


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