On summer, blogging and the fall

From-the-Editors-desk4-300x193The best advice on blogging I ever received was from a college professor, but it took me all of this summer to realize why it was so important. Because a lot happened this summer. To my readers, it didn’t look like much happened. But behind the scenes I was having a major identity crisis for no reason, swapping out WordPress themes like trading cards. I even purchased one and quickly went away from it.

This professor said, on blogging, worry about your writing, not how it looks. That my friends is why I’ve returned to the Oxygen theme. Stay for the Credits began with Oxygen and it lasted the longest. I can’t remember now why I changed it in the first place, but it wasn’t a good enough reason. So it’s back and slowly being rebuilt.

My goal this fall is to get back to focusing on the content I’m producing for my readers. I didn’t generate as much text this summer as I’d planned in my head and that’s because I often felt distracted by the appearance of my blog. This theme is too complex. This theme is too simple. I don’t know how to customize this theme properly. This. That. The other thing. Maybe one day in the future I’ll pay to have someone build me a site to my liking, but I’ve realized attaining that goal at this time is entirely far-fetched. It’s a pipe dream, and it’s not happening.

So my advice to you, if you’re a blogger, is the same as I’ve been told in the past. Don’t waste time worrying about how your blog looks. Spend time carefully considering and writing the content you’re producing. Your readers are coming for the writing anyways, and that’s what I originally set out to do. I wanted to talk about TV, movies and other stuff involving entertainment. I wanted to bring people to the site because of my writing. I didn’t want to care about its appearance.

Here’s hoping I can break up with the blog’s appearance and start writing again.

As for the fall, expect things to pick back up as usual. My shows will be back on, and without Parks and Rec there’s room to add some. I’m looking into Scream Queens and Fargo. In the spring, my Girls posts will return as usual. And I’ll be adding some kind of Game of Thrones content to the blog. My fiancé and I binged it this summer on HBO Go, and now we’re obsessed.

The plan is also to continue reviewing movies. Ideally, one review a week. Anything additional is a gift. I’d like to reopen a pathway for feature pieces, which long ago became some of my most popular posts — like “Pixar’s best directors so far” and “The essential history of Emma Watson’s path to hotness.” There, I’d like to do more.

Sorry if you were confused when you visited this blog and saw a different appearance every week. It’s just because I don’t really know what I’m doing in that side of things. It’s time to get back to doing what I do best — writing.


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