“New Girl”: The doctor is in

This season will ultimately be more entertaining on demand. New Girl has aired four new episodes since March with 28 days between “Walk of Shame” and “The Right Thing,” and then 20 days separating “Par 5” and last week’s “Panty Gate.”

It has lost momentum during the past two months that it earned through the tremendous start of the season. It built good episodes one after another during the first half of the season, but since February there have been some stinkers — see “Oregon,” “Par 5,” and “The Right Thing.” Last week’s “Panty Gate” was a return to excellence for the first time since the great “Spiderhunt” installment.

“Panty Gate” separates the contenders from the pretenders in relationships. It has, apparently, decided the move forward on Coach and May’s relationship, moving it all the way to New York, and give the ax to Schmidt and Moscato. At last, Schmidt is freed, but Coach’s development seems a little less earned being that his relationship with May has largely gone untouched since it began.

Nonetheless, the decisions make sense. Since “Par 5,” Moscato has been searching for a positive spin on her incident and in “Panty Gate” she’s throwing Schmidt under the bus. As a political move, she suggests she and Schmidt get married — something that afterward felt like an inevitable ploy by the politician — which isn’t as romantic or erotic as Schmidt imagined his wife.

With their breakup, a window opens up for Cece, who has become a fan favorite ever since her heart-aching story came to light. This presents endless opportunities for New Girl to rehash its best relationship.

May and Coach seem like a cute couple, so it makes some sense to put them together. But for a full-fledged export to NYC?

Check back later.

The beauty in “Panty Gate” is Jess’ matchmaking attempts to bring the two back together. In fact, Jess is the beauty of this fourth season. Zooey Deschanel is at her best right now and that deserves to be noted.

My favorite thing: Who does Nick see himself with way in the future? Well, he dies young, but sees himself with Winston and bean bag chairs.


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