“Girls”: Show me your wallet

I didn’t think it would actually come to this. The last time we saw Mimi-Rose, she was egging on Hannah to compete with her for Adam, and it seemed quite fishy. In Girls‘ “Daddy Issues,” she sees Ace with Jessa and makes an unapologetic split-second decision that it’s best for her to be alone right now because this is what jealousy feels like, so she can’t possibly be with Adam either.

Jessa calls them “pawns,” I say puppets. Mimi-Rose and Ace are master puppeteers. Adam and Jessa have been dangling by strings, but you have to love Jessa’s awesome reaction — she’s never a pawn, she’s always the gamer. To see Adam’s relationship end in such a way is shocking, but it all felt like a setup.

The episode begins with Jessa and Ace’s sex scene, which means Jessa’s got her man. But when they accidentally walk onto Mimi-Rose’s street on the way to dinner and invite themselves in, it feels like Ace has a wicked plan. He remains openly interested in Jessa at the dinner table, until Mimi-Rose admits she might want him back at which point Ace responds like Jessa isn’t even there. She gets Adam out of that apartment. Leave and don’t look back.

It’s a really calculating, dare I say childish, thing for Mimi-Rose and Ace to do, but it fits well with the rest of the episode which is all about the way Hannah’s reacting to her dad, don’t call him daddy, coming out. But it starts at school.

You know the feeling when someone does something that makes you think everything else they’ve previously done is kind of messed up? That’s the way to feel about Hannah in “Daddy Issues.” She yells at Cleo in the hallway because she didn’t answer any of her 10 calls and messages this weekend when she needed to talk to her, which screams invasive behavior.

Going back to school, albeit as a sub, has brought Hannah back into the mindset of being a student and so she befriended one she connected with. Last week, it was really funny went she accompanied Cleo to the tattoo parlor and back out of getting a tongue piercing after watching Cleo suffer through it. Maybe you didn’t want to call it over the line at the time, but now it’s expected.

All criticism aside, nothing takes away from how great a scene that was.

Her childish antics come to light at school. The principal takes her into his office to talk to her about boundaries, but she reacts in a way a teenager might, presenting her daddy issues as an excuse for her behavior. She gets a pass at home for struggling to deal with Tad’s coming out, but not at school. It’s like the principal is trying to tell her to leave her backpack of problems outside on the front steps.

My favorite thing: We’re not talking about Ray enough. He won the chairperson seat and Shoshanna threw him a tremendous election party, that I wish I could’ve attended. We’re taking back the boroughs! We’re taking back the boroughs!


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