“Girls”: What’s your name

It makes you wonder if it’s all just a game for Mimi-Rose and ex-boyfriend Ace because it feels like more than just a coincidence that a way back to each other presents itself during their parallel interactions in Girls‘ “Ask Me My Name.”

To some degree, love can be toyed with. Hannah, in her first week as a sub, gets asked out on a date by a guy named Fran (Jake Lacy), another teacher at the school who seems perfectly normal and nice, and she uses him to fulfill her own cunning agenda by running into Adam at Mimi’s art show.

Hannah’s always been a little curious and I think that’s the case here. Instead of using Fran to rub into Adam’s face — like, look I’ve moved on — I think she’s legitimately interested in seeing what Mimi-Rose is all about. Look no further for evidence of this than “Sit-In,” when she continues to find ways to watch Mimi-Rose’s keynote speech on YouTube. At the same time, she’s going to the show hoping its something she hates and can laugh at all night with Fran, because if there’s one thing Hannah wants, it’s to hate Mimi-Rose.

But as I discussed in the “Close Up” recap, Mimi-Rose (Gillian Jacobs) is hard not to like, and “Ask Me My Name” re-emphasizes that. She makes the effort to get to know Hannah, by separating into cabs — one for girls, one for boys. And she plays along with all of the episodes antics. In fact, this episode might be the funniest of this season by far, filled to the brim with little quirks like Mimi-Rose writing a poem for a stranger in the laundry mat all while Hannah was in the bathroom for merely two minutes, and then there’s the deli protest which is hilarious. I also appreciated the irony behind Mimi-Rose writing a book, which was another reminder of the career Hannah’s failed at. See: her therapists book, too.

During the laundry mat scene, Mimi-Rose comes off as a little too concerned for Hannah’s feelings when she first asks if she wants Adam back, then admits she’d give him up and presents a well thought out plan to bring them back together. For Hannah, it feels undermining because she continues to feel like she had the leash too loose on Adam, which allowed Mimi-Rose to steal him, but then here’s the new girlfriend saying she can have him back if she wants him.

Adam’s not a play toy, but that’s the direction it sounds like he’s going, especially after Ace says he always ends up getting Mimi-Rose back. It’s reassuring when Mimi-Rose reminds Hannah that she wouldn’t give him up easily, but the fact that she brought it up is an interesting proposition. So what’s really going on here? Are Hannah and Adam really just pawns in Mimi-Rose and Ace’s lives? Or is this one larger sarcasm that we’re just not used to yet?

My favorite thing: The admission Jessa makes about playing her game. She set Adam and Mimi-Rose up so she could swoop in on Ace. The idea that Ace’s sights are still set on reuniting with Mimi-Rose are just as damning to her than anyone.


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