“Parks and Recreation”: Ways to defeat Gryzzl

Parks and Recreation is moving full blast in its story and functionality as a show. It’s asserting itself as the best show on television during a final season other comedies may use as a victory parade. The last three episodes — “Leslie and Ron,” which is one of the best in seven years, “Gryzzlbox” and “Save JJ’s” — have laid out more greener pastures for the series that’s so close to wrapping up. Parks doesn’t feel like it’s coming to an end. It has a life ahead of it still. Most importantly, it has nailed life in the year 2017, quietly jam-packing hilarious factoids in every episode.

One at the center of conflict this week: the internet is mandatory and controlled by Gryzzl, which is turning around and data mining its customers. They may have the best intentions, but it ought to be illegal. As it turns out, Ben signed the contract that allows them to do it because he was preoccupied with Star Wars: Episode 7 (not the one with the wizard boy). It’s basically Ice Town all over again.

Still, it’s a way for Leslie to rally support as she continues to fight for the Newport land. She’ll go to great lengths to win, which lead to some fantastic skits between an undercover, VIP tour of the Gryzzl campus to a spot on the Perdples Court, in “GyzzlyBox.” But she needs more than just Ben, so once again one of Parks‘ strongest power plays is bringing the gang back together. “Leslie and Ron” was the peace treaty, while “GryzzlBox” was them joining forces. Donna’s on board, too.

With all hands on deck, and in the midst of saving JJ’s Diner, they realize they’re best strategy is to destroy Gryzzl’s plan by suggesting a better one.

Treat Yo Self 2017: It’s the best Treat Yo Self yet, in “Save JJ’s,” because Tom and Donna finally do what they’ve always talked about — Beverly Hills — and there’s no better time to do it because Donna’s getting married soon.

I loved that the LASIK for nails idea came back around, after one of Tom’s ideas has finally made him rich. And the Hitch 2 joke with Jaden Smith’s shoes was great. But Treat Yo Self 2017 was the best because it brought a little more friendship to the celebration, when Donna gives Tom some much-needed relationship advice.

April’s identity crisis: April has bee struggling with this crisis all season, but hit rock bottom when she advised one of the Parks Department interns to quit because it was a waste of time. She just needed a good kick in the pants by Craig, who gave one of the most poignant lessons of the “GryzzlBox” episode. April would be nowhere without the internship. No Andy. No ambition. Probably bagging groceries. She got to learn from the best teacher and mentor in the world, someone who really cares about her and has given her so much in life — Leslie.

My favorite thing: I’ll have to go back and watch, but I loved Craig’s list of things that make him happy and the fact that he’s seeing the same psychiatrist as Chris is perfectly fitting.


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