“New Girl”: Winston’s little partner

Here’s a real quick analysis of last week’s episode:

For the New Girl gang, “Shark” is a bit of a milestone episode. It’s Winston’s graduation from the police academy, something which we’ve been building up for the last few weeks especially. Often the forgotten roommate, New Girl picks the right times to rally around Winston and this is one of them. While Schmidt and Jess are off doing their own thing, Nick and Coach are legitimately worried about what Winston’s got himself into. To make things worse, his partner doesn’t turn out to be the stereotypical cop they’d dreamed of Winston having — someone physical enough to protect him. It’s funny, though somewhat cheesy in the way it plays out. Hopefully it doesn’t mean Winston gets squeezed into the background again.

My favorite thing: Who knew chops send hilarious selfies after a four-year-old stabbed them on the street?


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