“New Girl”: Hidden berries all across the Great Plains

Here’s a real quick analysis of last week’s episode.

Best friends Jess and Cece have hidden a lot of berries all across the Great Plains and left them there to dry out. They’re two passive aggressive people afraid to start a fight with each other. Ladies like this will keep their fair share of secrets to avoid a conflict, like Jess never telling Cece she went back and got the purse. But Schmidt goes too far, innocently admitting what Jess has done. Thankfully, Coach is around. Damon Wayans Jr.’s character gets a lift in New Girl‘s “Girl Fight” episode and helps solve the problem with a little bit of physical aggression. For the first time in a long time, Coach feels like an essential central character to the show and it pays off in a pretty funny, but ultimately unimportant episode to season four.

MY FAVORITE THING: I love Coach’s word association — Jess says “feminist” and he interjects “Lena Dunham.” I also loved the inclusion of emojis like the double syringe and Jess arguing, “No, she just texted me the world’s first good smiley face.” But you can’t beat the fight in Cece’s apartment, when one model picks up another, shouts “You stole my babysitter!” and throws her into a crib. Justice.


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