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“New Girl”: I’ve gone from riches to rags, a reverse Annie

There’s going to be another wedding, but the roommates won’t feel like they need to bring someone home after this one. Attending this wedding is going to be like, as Jess says, “going to prom with all of my dad’s friends,” because its his. Jess’ dad is getting remarried to Trashley Beckman, of all people, who has suffered from one hell of a headache of a life since she and Jess and Cece went to high school together.

It’s any child’s worst nightmare to have your divorced parent be in a relationship with someone your own age, someone you went to school with, someone who made your life a living hell from time to time — let alone someone whose history as an adult wouldn’t pass with flying colors. That’s who Trashley, played by Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s Kaitlin Olson, is in New Girl’s “Julie Beckman’s Older Sister” as show runner Liz Meriweather brings back the hilarious Rob Reiner, who nowadays plays in a rock cover band (singing songs like Tal Bachman’s “She’s So High”) and is in love with a four-time admit of sex rehab.

But Mr. Day is taking everything in stride. He even helped Trashley make a list of all the men she slept with. It’s awfully mature of Jess to warm up to the idea of their relationship and actually urge her dad into the proposal. There will never be a more intentional sign from God that someone shouldn’t do something than when a pack of cyclists comes rushing down the street, catching Jess in the middle, and then Jess getting his by the straggler in back.

Yet Jess, ever the daddy’s girl, is the one holding the ring in front of Trashley’s face when Mr. Day proposes. Per usual, Jess was acting on impulse and emotion, backing off of her firm stance against her dad’s relationship with, literally, Deandra Reynolds from Always Sunny on vacation in L.A. Jess and I both got really squeamish when Trashley reminded her that she’d become her stepmom. Sure, Ms. Day is a grown-ass woman, but the word association mom:to:Trashley Berkman is frankly horrifying.

For once, Jess really needed her “boys” to give her some advice, instead of Cece who presumably scurried away from the awkwardness. I’m sure I know what they would’ve said faced with Jess’ predicament and I don’t think they would’ve supported her accepting the relationship.

The boys were off trying to save Schmidt’s job. This isn’t the first time they, especially Nick, have come to his aid. Schmidt hired Nick to be his lawyer in season three’s “Fired Up” and both episodes rendered similarly hilarious and messy results. But the challenge presented in “Julie Beckman’s Older Sister” is so much more challenging. There’s no tougher task than trying to sell sponges to men.

Schmidt hires Nick, Winston and Coach to rig a focus group he hosting at work. The will be paid in pizza. They have been handed notecards with lines about how important sponges are to their happy lives. As usual, they mess it up. Nick abandons Schmidt’s idea when he meets a lovely lady named Britney at the focus group, while Winston and Coach are terribly actors/liars. But, as he succeeds in “Fired Up,” Nick finds a way, a genius idea, that saves Schmidt’s ass — sell the sexiness of sponges.

Meriweather’s faux commercial, at the end of Tuesday’s episode, was shocking and so out-of-the-ordinary for the show. I appreciated it. The commercial didn’t sell me on sexy sponges, but it wasn’t trying to. It was awkward, but so funny, which was somewhat of a theme this week.

My favorite thing: How much is pizza in Los Angeles? Nick: “Can somebody please lone me $15, or maybe like 20 to 25 depending on toppings because I love to get a bunch of ham.” What about tips? “I don’t give tips. It’s for delivery. You don’t tip delivery people.”


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