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“Scandal”: Rare, Complex, Fantastic Red Wine

I heard a lot of hype about “Scandal” since it started, but never started watching until I got Netflix this summer. I then proceeded to binge watch all 3 previous seasons in maybe 2 weeks (no shame) and have been waiting for the return ever since! A few things I took away from my binge:

  1. I am envious of Olivia’s immunity to red-wine-hangovers
  2. Is it just me or does she wear a lot of white? Of course it’s not just me. I mean, I get the symbolism and everything, but mix it up a bit!

Very brief recap of last season’s finale – there are too many story lines to recap so if you really want to know what happened, I will give you my Netflix password.

  • Harrison was killed (I think) – but knowing that Columbus Short got fired, I am guessing he is dead.
  • Olivia runs away with Jake the Snake
  • Rowan (Olivia’s father) is still evil.

The show starts and what do we see in the first 30 seconds? GONE GIRL (a must read!), Olivia in a white swimsuit – typical, and red wine – even more typical. Olivia and Jake have escaped to an island off Zanzibar and somehow Olivia, err Julia, has received mail. Jake asks her not to open it, but of course she is going to open it. It is a newspaper clipping of Harrison’s death and next thing we know, Olivia and Jake are in a cab in DC stating they are only going to stay for a few days. Of course they are not going to stay for a just few days.

Upon Olivia’s return, for just a few days, she discovers that the office is closed up and has sheets over all the furniture. Creepy Quinn comes in and confesses that she has been tracking Olivia down and found her by, what else, red wine. Quinn wanted her to know about Harrison and we learn that there is no longer an Olivia Pope and Associates.

Where are they now: Huck (Randy) works at the Smart Counter; Abby is the White House Press Secretary; Quinn is still creepy and using her newfound hacking skills; Mellie has checked out and doesn’t care about anything (I kind of like her like this); the President is not doing very well and needs an Attorney General; and Cyrus has a new, really unfortunate haircut.

Olivia meets up with her dad (she is wearing a white coat and immediately starts drinking red wine). Rowan prompts Olivia to ask him if he killed Harrison. She does and he lies and says he did not. Rowan also admits that he ‘took care of’ her Mom and lies even more when he says that her mom killed the President’s son.

At one point Fitz finds out that Olivia is back, ominous music plays and he looks sad. Nothing new here.

This episode’s Scandal, which is not as prevalent as usual, comes from the possible, accidental death of a Senator. Senator Sterling (male) and Senator Vaughn (female) had some sort of altercation and Senator Sterling fell off the balcony into a table. Come to find out Senator Sterling is a.) not dead and b.) an important vote for the Equal Pay Bill.

David is reopening the box of files (B613 files and other scandals waiting to happen) that Jake gave him and lo and behold Cyrus calls David summoning him to the White House to offer/dangle in front of him the Attorney General spot. Cyrus is always a step ahead of the potential scandal. I think these files, what they contain and what David does with them may be a big story line in the upcoming season. Either that or he will totally drop it.

Sterling is being made into a saint even though he tried to attack Vaughn and it is peeving Olivia off that she is now “in.” This case has the potential to become a he-said-she-said and Olivia and Associate (Quinn) want to squash that and find the truth. Olivia has a gut feeling and calls Vaughn out for lying about being attacked. The truth is that Vaughn’s assistant was really the one who was attacked and Vaughn is covering up for her assistant. Vaughn actually set her assistant up to potentially be attacked by Sterling to try and get the pro-vote for the Equal Pay Bill. Olivia is briefly disgusted at this and wants to get out of dodge. However, we know this can’t/won’t happen.

Harrison’s funeral brings the group back together and it is still up in the air if there will be a team again. Rowan is creepily watching from afar and at the end of the funeral he and Jake make ominous eye contact.

Mellie is still in pajamas and Uggs and we learn that apparently Fitz attempted suicide at one point (do you think it had to do with Olivia leaving?). Fitz finally tells Mellie that Olivia is back and states that he is not going to see her (that is a lie) multiple times. Mellie knows this is a lie as well and lets Fitz know that when Fitz sees Olivia, she will need a warning. Their marriage has been doomed for a long time and is sometimes hard to watch.

The President nominates David Rossen for Attorney General and Portia de Rossi is back after meeting with Cyrus at the beginning of the episode. I did not catch who she is or what her capacity will be (sorry!), so it will be interesting to see what role she plays.

Olivia decides that she wants to be a Gladiator, not a bitch and is representing Vaughn’s assistant. She has a moving speech and “wins the Equal Pay Bill.” Olivia and Fitz pass by and touch without touching and they both look [as] happy [as they can be]. The cycle continues. Looks like Olivia Pope and Associates are back at it as well.

Up Next: Olivia and Fitz see each other. I thought he said he wasn’t going to?

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