Pretty Little Liars: Silence of E Lamb

Editor’s note: This is a syndicated post by Molly McNamee, who writes and edits this website. Molly is a personal trainer living in California.

Most of what happened this week was making characters act creepy and guilty of things when they never have acted that way before. I’ve said it a million times – it annoys me how the show tries SO HARD to make certain characters look guilty. When they do that, those characters always end up being completely innocent. So why confuse things by making them act overly evil.  Like in last nights episode, Sydney was touching Ali’s scarf and just always around acting weird. She never acted like that before. So why have her act differently now? I think it would be more interesting if she just acted normal and then in the end we find out she’s been apart of all the crazy stuff. This show is annoying at times because it feels like they are just trying to create story lines to keep the show going – story lines that have nothing to do with the end solution of the show. I understand that’s how you make money, but for people who actually care about the main story line and mystery, it’s just annoying.


Noel Kahn. He’s back? He’s lending Mona his notes? I’ve never trusted Noel and believe he has always been a “bad guy” – but it’s interesting because we know that Ali is still in contact with him and now we know Mona is too.  It would not make sense at all considering all the private conversations Mona and Ali have had… but I still think Ali is leading everything. Maybe Mona doesn’t know that, but I think Ali could very easily be leading the A team and giving Mona orders. In the episode with the cabin fire, Mona said she doesn’t know who head A is – I still think it is Ali. I will always think that girl is the one creating all the problems.

Another, very small, but interesting thing that happened was when Mona and Emily were talking out side the Cavanaugh’s place. Emily was asking Mona about the rat, Mona responded that she is not an amateur. Instantly after the rat conversation happened, Mona asked about Ali. Is that foreshadowing that Ali placed the rat in there? We know Ali is not a fan of Paige.

Eddie and Ezra. What is this connection? Why did Eddie know to give Ezra the picture?  How did he know where Ezra lived? Why did Eddie call Ezra to set up a meeting? It could be a simple answer… did he just remember Ezra from when he came in to do “research” for his book? When he called him in last night’s episode, he said “is this Ezra Fitz?” – which means they’ve never spoken before, or met (properly) either probably. He has the Radley answers so A probably made him go away. But I wonder if Ezra was behind is disappearance too? The reason I say that is because Spencer basically asked for those pictures (she didn’t know they existed, but that’s what she wanted) but he gave them to Ezra. So, maybe Ezra asked for them too but had more of an incentive to give them to Ezra (perhaps a threat). Or he felt giving them to Ezra was safer (since Spencer is likely being watched).. I just really don’t understand that connection. And I hope Eddie isn’t dead… that would just be annoying. I think he disappeared like Dr. Sullivan disappeared.

The pictures. Some people are gonna theorize that Bethany pushed Toby’s mom off the roof. But I don’t think so. Yes, she could be the “unstable patient” who was on the roof with her (or she could have just seen what happened from her window). But she wouldn’t be upset with Mrs. Dilaurentis for lying if Bethany killed Toby’s mom. All this surrounding Mrs. D is confusing. Because I want to be like ‘what if Mrs. D killed Toby’s mom’, ‘what if Mrs. D killed Bethany’ … but what would be the point of that, Mrs. D is dead now so it wouldn’t matter…

Another thing with the pictures. The drawings of a blonde girl looking in the mirror. At first I thought it was Ali … but then I remembered, Bethany supposedly looks just like Ali, so it could very easily be nothing but a drawing of herself. All the stuff surrounding Bethany is also confusing, but I want to blame her for stuff – but she’s dead so again, what would be the point?

Bethany was 17 when she got buried. I think that is interesting. Ali and the liars are all 17 now too (right?) … it’s almost like it was planned that Bethany be found when Ali came back the same age. I don’t know what the purpose of that would be. But it’s just more reasons why I think Ali planned all of this.


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