Pretty Little Liars: Run, Ali, Run

Editor’s note: This is a syndicated post by Molly McNamee, who writes and edits this website. Molly is a personal trainer living in California.

Almost everyone seemed a little bit guilty of something in this episode. From Aria to Toby to the deceased Bethany. Little things happened in this episode that made me stop and go, wait what? Let’s talk…

Toby. I found it a little suspicious that Toby: 1. decided to run into a house that just blew up 2. was able to get in and out in .2 seconds before it blew up again 3. disappeared just before A sent a text 4. was just not around at all the rest of the episode – or getting interrogated by the police (it seems everyone is, why is he so special?) – Although Toby’s reaction to the explosion was genuine, it seemed too easy for him to get in and out before the second explosion. It almost seemed like he ran in, set off something to finish the job, and ran out. I know that’s a crazy theory but I just don’t trust the situation completely. I also found it interesting the Ali asked ‘where’s toby’ right after the A text was sent. A clue perhaps? I don’t know.

Jenna and Toby. It was mentioned in the episode that A doesn’t shoot and miss. They didn’t want to kill the liars. They wanted to blow up the Cavanaughs’ house, which makes me think maybe A wanted to keep something in that house hidden forever. Maybe there was proof that either Toby or Jenna killed Mrs. D (or Bethany) – and A wanted to make sure no one ever found out.

Caleb. He is still on my suspect list simply because Marlene has the PERFECT opportunity. They had this character leave the show for what we all thought would be forever, but he is now back. WHY NOT MAKE HIM EVIL?! He’s suspicious to me in this episode because he spent so much time with Toby after the explosion. What were they doing? (I still think that an all male A team filled with Toby, Caleb, Jason, Ezra … that’d be the sexiest thing ever)

Ezra. Why does he still have all of his spy stuff set up? And why was it still recording? That stuff doesn’t just last forever, he has to continuously clear the tape or charge a battery (I’m assuming, I’ve never personally dealt with hidden camera equipment). He supposedly was done with all that, but again it seems he’s not. When someone is lying about something (even if it is an innocent something that ended up solving a mystery) – I don’t trust that person.

Ezra and Eddie. What’s their connection? Why did Eddie bring HIM the picture? He looked right at the camera too as if to say – I know you see me. I’m curious what that was all about.

Hanna. Hanna’a whole situation tonight reminded me of Mona. Mona helped Ali run away the first time, she didn’t want to kill her, she just wanted her gone and to stay gone and to take Ali’s place. I don’t know that Hanna wants to “take Ali’s place” but she definitely doesn’t like the place she is in now, and she wants Ali gone. I don’t think she would hurt Ali, and I don’t think she is A. So maybe she’s just smarter than everyone and knows Ali should leave. I don’t know, but the past couple of episodes have had a lot of Mona/Hanna flashbacks and this situation with Hanna and Ali felt very deja vu of Mona and Ali.

Bethany. This dead girl… that drawing (if it was really hers) was disturbing. And it made me think that maybe when she escaped “that night” she tried to kill Ali. Maybe the person that tried to kill Ali wasn’t even a part of this whole mix of people. It’s the stuff after that complicated things. Mrs. D saw Bethany “kill” her daughter. She was like ‘why would you do this’ … Mrs. D clearly had some sort of relationship with Bethany. At least one enough to make Bethany hate her. If Mrs. D was just on the board at Radley, you wouldn’t think that she spends that much time with patients. She clearly spent time with Bethany. So, it’s possible that Mrs. D covered up for her. But then someone got to Bethany before anything could really be done. I still think that whoever killed Bethany was told to do so by Ali. I still firmly believe it all comes down to her.

So let’s talk about Ali. One, she is a selfish little bitch. She was ready to run away. She is so dramatic. She basically said – I’d rather run away and leave all my ‘friends’ with the shit and danger than have to deal with it myself. Part of me thinks she either came back as A or came back to get A going again. It all seems like a game to her. All the texts she received were very conveniently timed. I know A’s texts are always pretty well timed. But for her it’s always like, oh no one is paying attention to me – oh look a video of my mom getting buried alive. … Someone wants attention, lol. Wow that was rude, I’m sorry – I’m just not a fan of Ali… whoops!

Aria. I found it a little weird that Aria knew RIGHT AWAY that drawing was of Mrs. D. If we hadn’t found out that Eddie delivered the picture I would have guessed that maybe Aria drew it and signed it Bethany. But as far as we know Aria and Eddie have no relationship. So why would they be working together? So, maybe she didn’t draw the picture. But it seemed like maybe she’d seen it before. I also found it weird that she suddenly wants Ezra to tell the truth about everything. And feels bad that he’s involved. It’s a little suspicious you can’t deny that.


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