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Pretty Little Liars: Miss me

Editor’s note: This is a syndicated post by Molly McNamee, who writes and edits this website. Molly is a personal trainer living in California.

100th episode – and Marlene clearly wanted to bring all the ships back together. Honestly although stuff happened, this episode was mostly about Ezria, Emison, Haleb, and Spoby. So I have a few theories – but I saw this episode as a reset on the show. A’s back, Ali’s back, the four main ships are back. It’s like saying “here we go again.”

Ali’s back. Back at school and back to being a gigantic bitch. Yes, Mona “set her up” that night, but the things Ali said showed me that she hasn’t changed. What’s annoying me about the show right now is that they are making it solely about a “popularity contest” between Ali and Mona. Mona (by the way that she acts) has never tried to KILL Alison (I mean she had the chance “that night” at the motel, if she wanted her dead she’d be dead) – she just wants her gone and to be the popular one. Which is pretty lame if you ask me. If the show wants to peg Mona as the villain, make her the villain. In this episode she didn’t do anything except try to turn the whole school against Ali – not try to kill her… In a show about a murder, that hardly sounds like the main villain to me.

If you ask me, the person in the car chasing Ali was not apart of this “Mona crew” That person in the car is this “A” person, the one that blew up the Cavanaugh’s house. Like Ali said, the person driving couldn’t have been Mona because she got inside the church to quick. I think that Mona has her crew and they just don’t like Ali and then someone else is truly out for the kill. At least that is how the show is portraying it. And again, I will keep saying. If Mona wanted Ali dead, she could have killed her – Ali was sleeping in her motel room. Like if Mona was a killer, Ali would actually be dead. This is the MAIN reason I think Mona has never tried to kill Ali. Also, Mona said she won’t hide behind “A” anymore. She doesn’t need to be anonymous, Ali knows she’s after her. Just after her in a different way.

The team Mona meet up with was interesting though. Jenna and Sydney. I knew we shouldn’t trust that Sydney girl. (But what’s her background/connection to Ali, everyone else has been hurt by Ali – so she has a deeper story) Those two were clearly Aria and Emily’s distractions for the night. Hanna’s distraction was Lucas (or Caleb…). So, who was late to the meeting? Some secret “head A” or it could have just been Lucas (which I think is the more likely option).

One thing I did notice that I do not know if anyone else has noticed. But Caleb and Ali shared a look before the breaking news came on. With what we’ve seen on this show – Caleb and Ali have never met before. And it didn’t seem like a look of “oh I know who you are, you know who I am, and now we meet” .. there was more to that look! So is there some connection there we don’t know about. Why did Caleb come back? He could have just said, I heard about Ali so I came back. He didn’t say that, and I think the fact that he didn’t say that means something. There’s something fishy going on there! Remember, Caleb was helping Jenna at one point in season one. What if he was never really helping Jenna, but spying on her for Ali. Or he was helping her because he too hates Ali, and there is again some unknown history. There are a lot of theories that could be created about Caleb/Ali, all I know is SOMETHING isn’t right.

Bethany Young. So, not a coincidence. This was a young girl from Radley. AND LITERALLY EVERYONE IS GOING TO SAY – “oh it’s Ali’s twin” … I will say right now, I don’t think this is a twin of anyone. Because, for one, that would have been in the “breaking news” report.  They’ve ID-ed the girl. They know who she is, they have her DNA. If she had a connection to Ali. That would be known by now.

We know that Mrs. Dilaurentis had some hand in Radley stuff, the Hastings have history there, Toby’s mom… there are options about who could have gotten to this girl. At this point, with Mrs. D dead, I don’t think they will make her Bethany’s killer. But it’s definitely someone who has Radley connections. And honestly, we probably don’t even know the half of what’s gone down in Radley. Everyone is a potential suspect.


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