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Pretty Little Liars: Thrown from the ride

Editor’s note: This is a syndicated post by Molly McNamee, who writes and edits this website. Molly is a personal trainer living in California.

I have a couple theories about this episode. Most involving Ali… I don’t trust that girl. And I don’t think anyone else should either…

Okay, I have a lot to say about Ali. But first I will start with Mr. Hastings. They are making him look VERY guilty. With the pills, and the creepy music when he said he took his wife to a “spa”. They want us to think he is on some crazy killing spree. But, wouldn’t that be too easy? I mean, I wish that we could just peg it all on him – but there are still 3 seasons of episodes to get through. We can’t find the killer yet! HOWEVER, if he has done nothing. I don’t understand the secrets, I don’t understand all the evidence and clues. It’s yet another example of how the writers lay out all these things and then take them back at the end of the season so they can keep the show going… it’s annoying. But I’ve seen this show enough to know that they are likely doing just that. Mr. Hastings looks guilty because they are trying to distract us from who really is guilty.

I DO THINK IT IS POSSIBLE that Mr. Hastings had a hand in whoever killed Mrs. Dilaurentis though. Before she died, she and everyone else was at the police station. Melissa told Mr. Hastings who killed the girl because she knew and he didn’t (which means it wasn’t him). I don’t think it was Melissa who killed the girl. But I think it’s someone they both have a connection with. It was not Spencer, so whoever it was … Mr. Hastings wanted to protect them. I actually think it’s VERY possible that Ali killed the other girl, if not herself, she made the order (just as I think she did with her mother). Whoever she had kill the girl, is someone close to both the Hastings and the Dilaurentis’. THIS IS GETTING COMPLICATED. But basically what I’m getting at is that I think Ali had a hand in every single death that has happened in the shows past…

1. The stab wound – is that from the train. Did Aria stab her? Was Ali prepared to kill Aria? Did Ali kill Garrett?

2. We know that Ali tried to kill Ian, we haven’t heard the rest of that story.

3. I think Ali set Aria up to kill Shana. Ali knew about Shana (most likely) and brought her in that night basically to die. But Ali didn’t want to do it. She wanted to drive Aria crazy instead.

4. Cece killed Wilden, but Ali is clearly teamed with Cece – so it’s likely she called the shots there too.

Which brings me to the most recent death – Mrs. Dilaurentis. Ali was in NY so she couldn’t physically kill Mrs. D. But, I think she ordered that to happen. Remember last week how Mr. Hastings went to talk to her. They could have been trying to get their stories straight (we know how obsessed Ali is with that). I think the team of Mrs. D killers was Ali + Mr. Hastings + Melissa (involved by association) + Wren. Wren is the medicine dealer. His name is being brought up more. I think that’s for a reason.

Ali is the puppet master. She gets everyone to do her dirty work for her, and occasionally does it herself. Ali is like A … maybe Ali is A. The show is trying to make this obvious too, so it probably won’t end up being the truth. But Ali and A have SO MANY similarities. The mass texts at lunch time, signing texts – A (Ali corrected herself though), Ali is the new “A ending” … we don’t see A at the end anymore, in fact we don’t see A ever… Ali reappears when – A disappears. Coincidence?

Ali’s manipulation is also VERY clear when you watch her interactions with each other girls. Ali acts like a COMPLETELY different person with each liar. She’s rude, yet needy with Hanna. She’s very serious, vague yet intimidating with Spencer. And with Emily she’s all happy-go-lucky. With Aria, it feels like she’s setting her up (just as she did before, when they found out about her father’s affair). If this isn’t enough reason to not trust her, I don’t know what is.


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