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Pretty Little Liars: Surfing the Aftershock

Editor’s note: This is a syndicated post by Molly McNamee, who writes and edits this website. Molly is a personal trainer living in California.

There was a lot of talk about secrets in this episode. And it seems there is a more obvious line being formed about who knows which secrets, and who is being kept out of it.. If this episode confirmed anything it is that the Hastings/Dilaurentis tie is even more complicated then we ever thought.

Where to start … Mr. Hastings. It’s always been clear that Spencer doesn’t fully trust her dad. I mean, starting at season one, was it, where he burned the field hockey stick evidence. To past season’s where he’s VERY much distrusted all the men coming in and out of his daughters lives (Wren, Ian, Toby). He is always hiding something. And that became more evident tonight. Jason told Spencer not to trust him, but I honestly don’t think she even needed to be told. She was already considering that her father could have killed Mrs. Dilaurentis … Jason just confirmed that suspicion. It does COMPLETELY make sense for her to stop writing the email and instead walk on over to tell the person that she couldn’t protect them face-to-face. But where would she have walked to except next door? Who else would she protect besides perhaps her ex-lover, Mr. Hastings (or Melissa who she may very well have more ties to). And where was Mrs. D’s body buried? The Hastings’ back yard. Who looks guilty here? Well either the father or the daughter (Melissa)… What pisses me off though is that this WHOLE episode was dedicated to making the two of them look guilty. And PLL is infamous for making someone look guilty and then making them innocent in the end. We still have three seasons to go before this whole thing MIGHT be done. I can’t do this anymore. Mr. Hastings and/or Melissa look guilty. So does that mean in the end they are going to be innocent angels…? I CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE MARLENE.

Mr. Hastings did say something interesting at the end of the episode to Spencer – ‘you can’t lie about something you don’t know’. Meaning Spencer has no idea what he and Melissa are hiding. And that statement honestly made it sound like he is just trying to protect Spencer, and he’s doing that by keeping her out of the whole mess. But does he realize that if the police walk into the Hastings household it is Spencer who will look the most guilty. And I honestly don’t trust him to protect her if it comes down to him or her. He must know that, so part of me thinks he is actually keeping Spencer out of the loop because he doesn’t trust her to keep it a secret.

He doesn’t trust anyone which is probably why he found Ali and talked to her. I think Ali knows more than she’s letting on (what else is new) … she told Ezra she was looking for something else in his story, and she thinks he has this extra information but is just not giving it up. Which means … someone is being protected by all of these people. What did Ali want to find in Ezra’s story? And what did Mr. Hastings need to talk to her about? If we are going back to the ‘you can’t lie about something you don’t know’ statement, I’d have to say Mr. Hastings went to Ali to make sure they were clear on their lie. Because Ali obviously knows what he is hiding.

The other half of this episode was filled with Hanna’s identity crisis. And I’m not going to talk much about it, because there’s not much to talk about. But one thing that was interesting was the conversation (not flashback) Hanna had with Mona. She said that Mona knew Ali was alive but she wanted her back, so she made Hanna the “new Ali”… I have to wonder if it was part of Ali’s instructions to Mona to make Hanna become this “new Ali”. Because why did Mona do that? Why wouldn’t she just become queen B all by herself. She didn’t need a side kick. And why did she choose Hanna? This all COULD MEAN NOTHING. But, I think it’s interesting that Mona chose Hanna to be this “new Ali”. Did Ali know that Hanna would be the most fragile one after her disappearance so she made this happen? This confuses things in my head even more, because it’s honestly nothing I’d ever thought about. Why did Hanna and Mona become what they were? And also they way Ali said ‘it used to be easier to tell us apart’ makes me REALLY fear for Hanna’s life. Because we all know what happened to that other girl that looked like Ali.


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