Pretty Little Liars: Whirly Girl

Editor’s note: This is a syndicated post by Molly McNamee, who writes and edits this website. Molly is a personal trainer living in California.

So this episode made 1. me question Ali even more 2. find Jason to be 10x sexier and 3. helped me get closer to my big “two teams theory” So, as most of you know, I’ve had this two teams theory rolling around in my head for a long time now. However, I didn’t know if Mona was helping Ali or where Melissa stood. Basically I didn’t know who was on each team. I think I know now…

First let me talk about Jason, because obvious he is always my highlight of every episode. Jason scared the shit out of me when he came to warn Hanna and Emily, but I also got slightly aroused because that man is fine as hell. That aside, the writers really love to make him look guilty. And Emily said EXACLY what I said when I recapped the previous finale, if Mrs. D was covering for someone who would she cover for besides her own son? But based on some things that happened in this episode, I think she MUST have been covering for someone else. First of all, the email Mrs. D composed – if she was covering for Jason, she wouldn’t have sent an email. And it feels more like Jason is covering for his mom than vice versa. It has never seemed to me like Jason has done something. But it has always seemed like he knows what happened and is covering up for it. He isn’t asking Ali questions because he knows damn well where she has been. He was in New York that night, but I don’t necessarily think that means he’s bad. I think he went there for his mom, for Ali. He had NOTHING to do with Mrs. D’s death, because he was shocked. (And did anyone else shed a Spason tear when Spencer was like ‘No Jason don’t look’ … the feels)

I think if we could team Jason up with anyone, I would (still) team him up with Ezra. I think he might have been going to Philly for him. I think he might have gone to New York with him. Jason and Ezra always seem to be in the same place and have weird connections. Like the prize money for finding Ali’s body. The stuff on the train. Just the tie to Aria. I haven’t formed a complete theory. But besides Jason covering up for his mother (for lord knows what reasons), he may have a tie to Ezra Fitz. #Jezra

Speaking of Ezra, Mona clearly knows exactly what happened to him. She wasn’t in New York though – we saw her in Rosewood just last episode. But we know she had at least one person there in a hoodie with the girls (I kind of think if Noel is playing Ali like I said, he is with team Mona and was the one on the roof with the liars and Ezra. I could easily see Noel and Mona working together). Mona isn’t hiding anymore though. So anything that seems anonymous isn’t Mona. Mona said at the end of the episode that she doesn’t have to pretend to be anyone anymore and she might as well sign her texts with her name. So team Mona (that’s not to say she is the leader of her team, but she is the highest up person we know of) is no longer hiding behind -A.

So, team Mona vs. team Ali. I think those are the two teams. Again, that’s not to say those two are necessarily leading things (although Ali must be leading whatever team she’s apart of). Team Mona includes Lucas and Melissa for sure. I think Melissa left London a while ago and has been working with Mona, I’m not sure when that started or what Melissa has done. But I think that’s what happened with London. Team Ali includes Ali and a bunch of people that I can’t figure out. BUT I do think that team Ali isn’t “good”. I have a theory that Ali told one of her team members to kill her mom. I think that was an Ali move, not a Mona move. I think this for a couple reasons – first, the conversation Ali had with her father. Her dad was clearly shaken up and shocked, which makes him the ONE person on this show I trust, and when he told Ali about how he and Mrs. D split up, he was upset. But it was the way Ali said I’m sorry that I question. Some may say she said sorry like that because she knows her disappearance may have put too much stress on the relationship. I think she said sorry because she made it so that it could never be mended (by getting her killed). I also think she ordered someone to kill her mom because she looked sad at the end of the episode, but it seemed more like a I’m sorry sadness again. It didn’t seem like, well how Jason looked – shocked and upset about his mothers death. She seemed… suspicious, that’s all.

So what did I take away from this episode? Jason is sexy and Ali is still crazy. Also that dog is adorable. Well, let’s see what happens next week.


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