Pretty Little Liars: Escape from New York

Editor’s note: This is a syndicated post by Molly McNamee, who writes and edits this website. Molly is a personal trainer living in California.

And we’re back… and I still don’t trust anyone. The thing that continues to confuse me about this show is that everyone is so good at lying that even when someone has an “alibi” they could still be guilty. For all we know Ezra could have been sending A texts from his hospital bed. I don’t know what to believe, but here are some theories and thoughts …

Let me start with Melissa Hastings. She has a secret, and I think that secret is either that she murdered this other girl thinking it was Ali, or that she was the one who tried to kill Ali (the scene we saw play out in the past finale). Of those two theories, I think she tried to kill Ali, and thought she succeeded. And now she probably feels guilt thinking that she killed this random girl, but I have a feeling that Mona or Cece went after this other blonde to cover up Ali’s tracks. Melissa didn’t actually kill anyone and Mrs. Dilaurentis knew this secret, which I assume is another thing that tied the two families together.

But, she clearly still has anger towards Ali, after-all she did show up to that “we hate Ali Dilaurentis” meeting Mona was holding. But, was it just me, or did it seem like Melissa was actually in charge? She walked in saying “we don’t have much time” which made me believe she was sort of behind the whole thing?

So let’s talk about Mona to try and make some sense out of that meeting. Clearly Mona has blackmailed Lucas back onto the A team, or maybe he didn’t need blackmailing at all once he found out Ali is still alive. And the two of them were together when all the black hoodies attacked the liars. We also saw Mona speaking to a red coat (Melissa? Cece?). Now, for the longest time I’ve had a theory about their being two teams. After this episode we know for a fact that Ali and Cece have worn red coats and they are supposed to be good, right? We also know that the black hoodies were attacking the liars and have always been known for being bad. So, with that being said it would make sense for team red coats to be good and team black hoodies to be bad. But would mean that Mona is good, since we’ve seen her with red coat several times? But she also wears a black hoodie. So she is playing both sides! Like Shana? (And we just saw how that worked out for her)

The thing about Mona though, she has always known Ali is alive – and she helped her run away (for selfish reasons, but she still helped her). So, I really hesitate to say that Mona is 100% bad. I think she is the smartest character on the show, which is why she probably is playing both sides. If she is working with red coats – that would mean she is working with Ali. But she’s also clearly working with Melissa – and I CERTAINLY don’t see the three of them working together.

Mona MUST be playing everyone, otherwise nothing makes sense to me. In my mind there has to be two teams. But I truthfully don’t trust either of them, because Ali seems untrustworthy, and I feel like we just aren’t supposed to trust anyone in a black hoodie.

So Cece, Mona, Melissa, Shana and Lucas were all accounted for during that “black hoodie” invasion in the creepy park… so who could have been leading that? I have to look at all the people that were missing, and honestly I have to question my boys because they’ve been missing the past two episodes during all this madness – which means they easily could have been strolling around in a hoodie. Jason, Toby, Wren, Mike, Caleb (this could be how they bring him back) – where were you boys? As much as I love those guys, not being present makes me question them. Everyone else was accounted for.

Okay next I gotta talk about Fitz. He did help the liars. He ID’ed Shana as the A team member attacking them. But, what I found interesting about him in this episode was actually how Detective Holbrook responded to hearing his name. He looked up Fitz like he had no idea who he was (which honestly I can’t remember if they’ve ever crossed paths), but when he found out his name was really Fitzgerald he goes ‘oh he’s a Fitzgerald’ … like he knew the family or something. Did anyone else get that vibe? It could be interesting if Holbrook and the Fitzgerald family have a history – I have no idea what that would mean but… ALSO (I just thought of this) Fitz has a relationship with Ali and therefore Cece. That summer also involved Wilden… could they all be tied together somehow? Which could mean Holbrook might have crossed path’s with Fitz, solely because of Wilden? Does that make any sense. I have to look into that theory a bit further. REGARDLESS I found it interesting that Holbrook seemed to recognize the Fitzgerald name.

Basically this episode gave us some answers about Cece – she killed Wilden, she has helped Ali by being a red coat, she doesn’t consistently see Ali though (and it doesn’t seem like Ali called her when she went to make a couple phone calls at the theater). Cece has left as Vivian Darkbloom so Ali doesn’t have that cover anymore. I have a feeling Cece is gone, for the foreseeable future. I still question Noel and will always question Ali.

But PLL is back and already killing off people – RIP Shana (man this show doesn’t like to keep the lady lovers around very long … first Maya, Jenna’s been attacked many times, now Shana… someone wants Em all for herself, or himself but it feels like girl)


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