My sister hates you, “HIMYM” finale

Last Forever Part One

So, I really got sick of “How I Met Your Mother,” circa season eight, but my sister sent me some especially pissed off text messages tonight. This was her idea and it’s brilliant. Read her ultra rant below. How did you guys feel about the finale?

*  *  *  *

A few disclaimers – Yes, I have always rooted for Barney and Robin to be together.  I do hate (with a burning passion) Ted and Robin as a couple. And I too want to know the story behind the pineapple. But putting all that aside, this still was a terrible way to end How I Met Your Mother.  Literally, the show ended and I said ‘please tell me this is an April fools joke’ … but it’s not.

Okay here we go. Problem number one – don’t build and entire season off of a wedding just to divorce the couple within like ten minutes. As much as the show built up the Ted and Robin relationship, it has also spent entire seasons developing Barney and Robin’s. Last season was all about the proposal, and this season obviously was the wedding. We’ve seen the two of them together and split up. We’ve seen the two of them longing to be together even when in different relationships. (Season 7, Episode 10 ‘Tick Tick Tick…” still breaks my heart). With Ted and Robin it was always about Ted longing for Robin but her being uninterested a majority of them time. True, they also had the back and forth that Barney and Robin had. But the problem with Ted and Robin was always that Ted needed to have a family, he needed kids, and Robin couldn’t give him that.

Which brings me to problem two, the show basically made it so the sole purpose of the mother was to have Ted’s kids and die so he could be with the woman he actually wanted to end up with. We spent this whole season, falling in love with the mother… getting to know her, seeing how perfect she and Ted are together. But then she gets sick, passes away, and he goes running back to Robin. I honestly would have been okay if the show ended with the mother dying (sad, but okay), but they fact that he went back to Robin is what really gets me. Yes, six years had passed since the mother died.  But he could have found love with someone else. Him running back to Robin with the blue French horn makes it feel like he never stopped loving her, which makes it appear like he never truly loved his wife because he was always thinking about Robin.  We saw all of Ted and the mother’s happy times together, so it’s clear he did love her. I’m not putting that down, but, just … why Robin?!

I will give the writers props though. They clearly have had this plan the whole time, and many shows run their course without any type of game plan. The very first episode was about how Ted met the kids Aunt Robin … clearly we should have all known this is how the writers wanted it all to end. What infuriates me is that the writers had nine seasons to change the outcome. I would understand the ending if a majority of the fandom wanted Ted and Robin to end up together, but guess what – that ship has sailed. I had hoped that the last time Robin rejected Ted would be the end of it.  But no, they had to keep pushing that story line.

Above all, what makes me most upset about the finale is what they did to Barney.  The writers threw all of the character development of Barney Stinson out the window. The second he and Robin got divorced he was back at his old ways and had created a second playbook.  Everything they had built for him was just gone in a second. He did change once he had a baby. But, of course the one thing that changed him was the one thing Robin couldn’t give him. It’s sad really – I know the show was about Ted, but for me Barney had the most development throughout the series and it felt like the writers didn’t respect that in the finale. He went back to his old ways and his best friend married his ex-wife.  That’s all it comes down to for me.

Overall, I feel like the show spent nine years preparing us for what was pretty much summed up in the first episode – Ted loves Robin. So thank you How I Met Your Mother for getting my hopes up just to tell me something I already knew.


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