Parks and Rec: Leslie’s best friend rankings


Leslie is handling Ann’s departure remarkably better than we thought she would after she and Chris moved to Michigan. She hasn’t shown signs of missing a void in her life, until this week, when “Parks and Recreation” opens to an elaborate game plan for the best friends’ next phone conversation. Ironically, she’s not going to need talking points because Ann is going to have her baby, Oliver Perkins Traeger.

This episode would rank up there on a list of unexpected events this season because Ann’s labor is so strange. We’re without hints that she is remotely close to giving birth. I’d think Leslie wouldn’t want to talk about Sandra Bullock’s skirt length; instead, the baby, because Leslie of all people would know it was due. Certainly we shouldn’t have expected too much. After all, Ann is no longer a character on the show. But a text to Leslie while she’s at brunch, trying to rank the candidates for her new best friend? I expected more.

Meanwhile, there’s vindication for Larry this week… sort of. It’s a nice touch for the show to have someone like Ben acknowledge the things that Larry does and how well he does it. It’s a sweet gesture, but still resulted in a Jerry moment. Ron and Andy’s story was the funniest this week. How great was Ron slapping the box of peanut brittle out of Andy’s arm?


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