Lena Dunham hosted SNL and basically nailed it


“Saturday Night Live” did one thing right by pegging Lena Dunham to host this week. That is, attracting me to watch it. I’ll watch anything Lena is involved in. I enjoyed how well the show set itself up to be a vehicle for her to make a little fun of herself. Lena’s monologue opened up the rest of the show to be a place to laugh about “Girls” criticisms and critiques of Lena and Lena’s body that she so often hears and reads. I thought she did really well, coming from a person who watches the show on an irregular basis. The opening “Scandal” skit gave her an opportunity to poke fun at one of her fellow female show runners, Shonda Rhimes. The Adam and Eve bit, my favorite, was a hilarious way to involve pieces of Lena’s “Girls” with Vanessa Bayer as Shoshanna’s talking head and Taran Killam as a biblical version of Adam. Jon Hamm made an appearance during the “What Are You Even Doing” skit, which I enjoyed. Lena’s Liza Minnelli impersonation was interesting. The opening “Ooh Child” video was an excellent, original idea, but I’m buying her rap group’s upcoming album. Watch Lena’s biblical movie below.


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