Parks and Rec: The firewall


Sorry to my faithful “Parks and Recreation” following out there for not recapping “New Beginnings” last week. By the time I got around to evaluating it, the weekend hit and it was my girlfriend’s birthday. So I was busy. Basically, from “New Beginnings” to this week’s Adam Scott-directed “Farmers Market,” Leslie is still getting used to her old job in the Pawnee Parks department.

This week, “Parks” gives us a real look at what happens when a couple works together. One of Leslie’s proudest projects, the Pawnee Farmers Market, has been invaded by a sexy lettuce stand. Ben, new city manager, has the power to take it away, so Leslie “brings work home” and tries to work Ben into deciding to get rid of it; although, they’re not really doing anything wrong.

When a couple works together, there’s a fine line — or “firewall” — between keeping work and work and separating your home life. Leslie doesn’t not live by fine lines. There’s a funny back and forth between Ben and Leslie this episode that ends with the two of them arguing in a fountain.

Meanwhile, Andy’s off performing for Craig’s kid’s birthday party and April really enjoys it… yet another hint that she wants some little Dwyers running around. Come on NBC, give em to her. The network just picked up another season of “Parks” (surprising?), so maybe that’s the next step for Andy and April.

Whine and Cheese Club is the new Tom and Donna thing this week. Jerry gets to join them. It’s Ron’s way of listening to their work problems once a month, something he’s obliged to do. He has the best lines of the episode. He uses noise canceling head phones to listen to Woody Nelson, while everybody else rants about their problems. “Tom put all my records on this rectangle.” Then, when they go right into the next song: “An excellent rectangle!” It’s an iPod, Ron, but keep talking. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Next week is the big one: Ann and Chris go bye-bye. They’ve run out of stories. This week, Ann had to invade the Whine and Cheese Club to be relevant. She overdoes it, forcing the group to approach Chris. Surprisingly, this triggers one of the better sequences in the episode, when Donna and Tom explain the phrase “That sucks” to Chris. 


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