Emma Stone is going to have a huge 2014


It doesn’t seem possible that “Easy A” was released three years ago. The film is as good as the first time I saw it and it’s my go-to cure for a stressful day at work. In 2013, Emma Stone appeared in “Movie 43”, voiced Eep in “The Croods” and played sexy Grace Faraday in “Gangster Squad” — all for a relatively quiet year, for one of the best actresses on the planet.

She could be found on rumor mills everywhere this year, confirming that she’ll have a humongous 2014; at least, that’s my prediction. She’s working with two great filmmakers. Cameron Crowe, who directed my favorite movie of all time (“Almost Famous”) picked her to start in his upcoming, untitled project, with a powerhouse ensemble: Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams, Bill Murray, John Krasinski, Danny McBride, Alec Baldwin, etc.

Woody Allen named Stone his next leading lady for a movie called “Magic in the Moonlight,” which if it’s anything like “Midnight in Paris” it’ll be a success. Details of its plot are sparse, but I wonder how similar her role might be to “Annie Hall” (1977), which starred Diane Keaton (admittedly Stone’s idol). “Magic in the Moonlight” also features a dynamite cast.

The second installment of “The Amazing Spiderman” is scheduled to release in 2014, too. We aren’t fans of the series, unfortunately, only because we wish Stone did a variety of other things. I think we’re going to be able to deal with it in 2014. She’s also slated to star in a film called “Birdman,” which is the story of a washed-up actor battling his ego and family troubles while trying to get back in the spotlight on Broadway.

Stone’s 2014 slate is one of many reasons we’re looking forward to the New Year. Tons of actors will likely have “big years” all the same, but Stone has always been one of our very favorites. Fortune recently put her No. 1 on a list of actors who give studios the most bang for their buck. She’s going to prove her worth in 2014.


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