Watching: “Top of the Lake,” Pt. 6


A sign that a series is coming to an end is the second-to-last episode, in this case the sixth. So much happened in the sixth episode of Top of the Lake, but it’s all leading to the meeting we’ve all been waiting for between Robin and Matt, on Matt’s terms. In fact, the sixth episode ends with Robin loading her gun and getting police instruction as she’s driven to Matt’s home. He has a confession to make and we’re going to find out. Will his confession be all it’s being made out to be, or will it be a little mellow dramatic?

The confession we’re looking for and the one we think it probably will be are the same thing. He’s going to tell Robin that he got Tui pregnant. Right? Jamie, who dies after falling off of a cliff in this episode, told his friends they know exactly who got Tui pregnant. That’s all he said, but we know it can’t be him because his mom admits to Robin that Jamie is gay. Jamie’s mom made the episode whole with one of the most raw, emotional moments of the series, beating Matt senselessly after he offers her a monetary apology. Rightfully she doesn’t accept it and drives Matt away from the funeral at Paradise.

Matt could have something else to admit to, though. His lab. In this episode, Robin is preparing to build a case against Matt, using his lab as the best reason to lock him up and hoping that his arrest will lead to other unanswered questions. However, the town is a steel trap. Robin isn’t the ring leader, even though she’d like to be, Matt is, and nothing is going to come easy. I think Matt was trying to tell Robin his secret when he appeared on the detective’s boat with the two of them.

Tui and friends have a meeting of their own. She and Jamie invite them out to the woods to have some fun. It’s the first time Tui has seen any of them, drawing concerns from one friend in particular who pleads with Jamie to take her to the hospital. Instead, Jamie collects a midwife book and the idea of that happening is too much for me.

Matt sent out a search party looking for Tui and they found her in the most inconspicuous hiding place ever. Literally, a cabin in the woods. But she and Jamie ran and Jamie took Tui’s coat to confuse everybody. I thought it was Tui sliding down the mountain, falling off to her death, but it was Jamie who sacrificed himself basically. He slipped once and that was as tense of a moment as you get. How unfair that he had to die, and it breaks Tui’s heart. She watches Jamie be taken ashore from somewhere on the mountain top and fires her shot gun multiple times in the air, followed by haunted screams. Without question, this leads to her undoing because I’m almost certain she’ll be found in the next episode. Will she give up the big guy, who got her pregnant? Not sure, but she’s going to be found.

It all leads to one more post, now. Jamie’s death seems to have unraveled the tight knit community and anybody is willing to rat out Matt. Jamie’s mom is preparing a group of women to testify against Matt. This could certainly be the climax of the story arc. Everything after Jamie’s death will likely be in correlation to his death. The ladies are willing to give up Matt, the people in Paradise might know where Tui is, but Tui’s hiding place is irrelevant now. And worse, her due date is up.


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