Arrow: The one in Russia

Keep Your Enemies Closer


As per usual the latest episode of Arrow finds super vigilante Oliver Queen kicking bad guys butts during an in progress crime. The fact that the show quickly moved scenery to Russia screamed less Oliver and more character development (I admit, this may just be hindsight).

The crew heads to Russia to break Diggle’s former partner (and as we all now know, his former wife) out of a Russian prison. Her being locked up after tracking Deadshot for Diggle was the ultimate facepalm, as Diggle soon found himself face-to-face with Deadshot after getting himself arrested and put into prison.

At this same time, Oliver and Felicity are running around Russia with Anatoli Knyazev (better known in the DC Universe as KGBeast), working on the escape plan for when Diggle finds his former wife, Lyla, and miraculously pulls her out of prison (the writers of Prison Break are shaking their heads at the idea someone could break out of a high security prison in one episode).

When not working to keep Diggle from ending up as a permanent fixture in the Russian conviction system, Oliver and Felicity have a defining moment for their relationship. Defining moment meaning Felicity finds out Oliver and Isabel Rochev, the overly stern businesswoman played by Summer Glau, made the beast with two backs. This makes Felicity question Oliver’s decision making about women and gave the writers the chance to create the aura of forbidden love between the two characters.

Meanwhile in a high security prison somewhere in Russia, Diggle is freezing to death and staring into the face of his bitter enemy — Deadshot. Diggle is rescued by a guard Oliver paid off and they make their escape from the prison. But wait! Deadshot breaks out of his bonds as well (a fact that is not explained in a show where everything is overtly explained) and kills the guard that saved Diggle, forcing Diggle to team up with him to find Lyla and escape in one piece.

The two find Lyla, there is an explosion, and Oliver help them to escape at the last moment. Then the moment comes for Diggle to kill Deadshot, the assassin who never misses a shot but happened to kill Diggle’s brother when he missed a target. (What? Deadshot did not miss the target but was aiming for Diggle’s brother? I don’t buy it) Honor keeps Diggle from killing Deadshot in cold blood, and Deadshot tells him that the company that paid for the hit on his brother was H.I.V.E. (Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination, but that will come up in later episodes).


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