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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The one with Skye and the Hub



When agent Coulson agrees to send Fitz on a Level 8 mission with agent Ward, the entire repetitious nature of the show starts to unravel.

The nerdy, extremely tech savvy, Fitz is chosen to disarm a device that produces sonic vibrations strong enough to trigger weapons (guns, guns on planes, guns on tanks, you get the idea) from a very large distance away. As he has no field experience to speak of, Ward accompanies him due entirely in part to, get this, the fact that he knows the terrain and has a contact.

With that rag-tag matchup, it was no surprise to find the dangerous mission containing more humor and less death traps and, well, death.

Meanwhile at The Hub, the headquarters of S.H.I.E.L.D., the very predictably unpredictable Skye is trying to break into the Hub’s computer system to find out what was going on with Ward and Fitz’s mission, as she smells something fishy. This causes another unlikely duo as agent Simmons teams up with Skye to hack the Hub and find out what is going on with her ‘friend’ (the awkwardness of their relationship is both annoying and hilarious) Fitz.

Through a mediocre hacking attempt gone right the two find out there is something wrong with Ward and Fitz’s mission — there is no planned extraction. This turned out to be something agent Coulson did not know when he agree to send two of his team members into the field.

The episode quickly wraps up as Ward and Fitz complete their mission and the rest of agent Coulson’s team, with his permission and assistance, form an impromptu extraction of their team members.

Besides the entirely obvious plotline of the episode (tough guy has his life saved my nerdy guy repeatedly), there was quite a bit of character development that previous episodes lacked. The obvious one being that nerdy Fitz, the man who was afraid to be in the same room as dead things, can generally take care of himself as a field agent.

Agent Coulson seemed to move further away from agreeing that everyone should not know all the information and Skye got closer to unraveling the truth about her past, while Coulson continued to keep his knowledge of her situation a secret.

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Zachary White is a Bill of Rights enthusiast, unpublished author, and a superhero junkie. Follow him on Twitter @zacharytawhite


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