Watching: ‘Top of the Lake,’ Pt. 5


I haven’t blogged about Top of the Lake in at least a week, but that’s not necessarily because I’ve spent all of that time trying to digest what happening in the fifth episode, when we find out that Tui is alive because she appears in the background of an amateur cell phone video. Where has this happened before? I started watching The League last week and it’s hard for me, as you know, to multitask on Netflix — there was a streak there when I didn’t blog about anything except the first four episodes of Top of the Lake, but The League has flatlined a little bit and it’s finally time to talk about Tui and what’s going on in this miniseries.

This series is starting to become something, with two episodes remaining, but I’m trying to figure out what exactly it is. So much has happened in the first five episodes that it’s tough to keep track of, but I give the show credit because it’s not often that I can remember all that happened in an episode after a week of not thinking about it. Yet, I remember this episode. Top of the Lake is becoming one of many things. These are those things:

A murder mystery porno
Robin and Johnno are having lots of sex. Lots of sex. I’m still wrapping my head around the forrest sex scene in the fifth episode and how in the world that happened. My only explanation is that they can’t keep their paws off of each other. More confusing: Tui is kind of watching it because two creepers are making a video of the sex when she appears in the background. If this episode stood alone, you couldn’t argue that this show isn’t a porno because the amount of sex is hard to handle. Now that we found out Tui is alive, I could even get rid of the “murder mystery” part, unless you really want the police to investigate the Bob Platt murder. Robin’s looking into that now, too. She’s just doing everything.

A tutorial to survive in the wilderness
We actually see Tui up close and personal at the end of this episode, which makes me wonder how much more we’ll see her in the final two episodes before she is inevitably saved — because now that we know she’s alive, it’s only a matter of time before Robin tracks her like a hound dog. Tui is basically starving, contrary to Matt Mitcham’s belief that she has all the skills to survive in the wild. Her tool is a sworn-to-silence high schooler who brings her bags of goodies that she immediately devours. At the end of the episode, he sees Tui and it looks like it’s the first time for him, too. If we see more Tui in the wild in the next two episodes, this could reasonably turn into a tutorial, but I think it’s more likely Robin finds the girls sooner rather than later.

A story about two crazies who lost their parents
There’s a chance this is a show about Robin and Matt, at its core. Robin’s mother only recently passed away and left one of the saddest goodbye voicemails on Robin’s phone. I can’t remember what Robin was doing, rather than being at her mom’s side, but it could have something to do with Johnno and sexual intercourse. She’s definitely suffering because she was sneaky close to her mom. She was willing to break it off with Johnno at her mom’s request, before getting back with him of course, and I thought she might break up with him again after she died. She didn’t. Matt feels like he’s failed his mom, and we’ve talked about this before — belt, gravestone, etc.

A story with a cliff hanger
If we never find out who got Tui pregnant, I’m going to be so pissed off that these seven episodes are going to feel like a total waste. Find Tui in episode six and then figure out who get her pregnant in episode seven. We better find out.


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