Hello Ladies: The one with the wedding



Stuart is still alone, for now.

The writers of HBO’s series Hello Ladies seem to have miraculously decided to pull for their characters for once, a fact that may have been brought on by the shows likely conclusion after the season finale in one week.

At the episode start we find Jessica trying out for a role in NCIS L.A. This seems to be going well, irrespective of the fact that she keeps messing up her audition on account of nerves. The show moves to a wedding scene where both Stuart and Jessica have been invited.

Once at the wedding, after being promised a seat at a table with gorgeous women by his former tenant the bride, Stuart finds himself sitting at the table with old people and a child. In typical fashion he tries to change the seating arrangement to sit at the table of his choosing — where the beautiful single ladies are.

After a few minutes at the beautiful single ladies table, the bride comes over to tell Stuart to move back to his table and return the seat he stole.

At the same time Jessica is soliciting a screenwriter, trying to get the screenwriter to watch the web series she has been working on. The level of awkward rises to its crescendo here as Jessica does not know when to leave the poor playwright alone.

Back at the bar Stuart finds himself talking to the billboard model, Kimberly, he has come to swoon for (a creepy thought to say the least), and gets along with her very well. The two have a conversation that leads to more conversation, and then an invite from Stuart to join him in his room to chill and hangout more. When Kimberly agrees and promises to join him after she talks to a few friends, the feeling of impending doom takes effect. Everything until this point has gone terribly wrong for Stuart; reasoning yells there will not be much change here.

Doom takes effect in Stuarts when Kimberly shows up bringing along her friend Paul, Kanye West’s DJ. Stuart soon finds out Kimberly and Paul have a history, and gives up his room for the night to the two via Kimberly’s request.

Any fan of the show at this point is probably asking their self, “Can Stuart and Jessica be any more awkward?” Well the answer is clearly yes, as was clearly demonstrated in the next scene.

After being humiliated by the playwright and taking a walk to settle her nerves, Jessica runs into Stuart back at the dancefloor which is now completely empty. The two talk out their problems, Jessica unable to succeed in her career acting or writing and Stuart unable to find the perfect woman.

Here is when the show has one of its beautiful, yet uncommon, moments. Jessica and Stuart dance, which shows the strength of their friendship and pulls at the heartstrings of viewers who want to see the unlikely duo together. But just when you think the two are going to fall desperately in love, Jessica gets word she got the part in NCIS and hustles out of the scene leaving Stuart alone.

The next day, on his way to see his best friend Wade, Stuart gets a text message from Kimberly inviting him out on friday night. His response is typical of any guy who has been invited out by a woman he deems out of his league: crazy silent celebration, fist pumping, and a little dance followed by no immediate response (you have to play that waiting game, right? Right?)

The season finale next week may change completely the nature of the show, but it seems unlikely as the beauty of the show is the awkwardness of the characters. In the end it seems more likely Stuart and Jessica will continue to inhabit their awkwardness until they feel they have everything they want.


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