Hello Ladies: The one in Long Beach

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Although the satire used in Hello Ladies borders on cruel and unusual at times, the mix of drama and humor in the shows newest episode almost blends perfectly. Stuart Pritchard continues his wild escapades through L.A., this time taking his talents to Long Beach.

While construction workers do the job of repairing the roof of the guest house, his tenant Jessica shares a bed with Stuart as he is unwilling to spend any extra money to put her up in a hotel. He again leads with his characteristic self-involvement, completely lacking social grace, in order to connect with the guys fixing up his house.

His inability to actually be himself around women in order to impress them comes full circle when he does the same to the workers. The writers do a great job of taking Stuart out of high society and throwing him in with a completely different class of people, which could be argued he completely deserves.

Stuart ends up talking the crew into taking him to Long Beach in order for him to score a ‘slump buster,’ and end his bad luck with women. However, when Stuart finally gets to the club with the guys he barely knows, before he has a chance to talk to the slump buster they set him up with, they make him go along with them to ‘f*** someone up.’ Stuart is once again stuck following his earlier proclamations of toughness.

As Stuart runs around with a crowd he is not quite cut out to run with, Jessica watches the daughter of Stuart’s best friend Wade. His daughter asks Jessica about her current relationship status with Glen, which she is not quite sure how to describe to a child.

At the same time, Wade is meeting with his wife after the 30 day period she made him wait to speak to her. He heads to his wife’s work to pick her up, planning on reenacting a scene from his wifes favorite movie An Officer and a Gentlemen, and actually tries to pick her up while she is on the phone in the middle of a conversation, the awkward comedy strikes again as you do not know whether to laugh or just feel sorry for Wade as his marriage sits on the brink of divorce.

After seeing his wife, Wade heads back to pick up his daughter from being babysat by Jessica. As Wade leaves with his daughter, Jessica’s not so clear relationship with Glen gets thrown into the boxing ring of a show. As Jessica breaches the conversation of what their relationship is, Glen quickly puts up a wall, saying he would rather not rush into something neither one of them is ready for. Jessica retreats, trying desperately to hold onto a relationship that clearly is defined by its sexual nature.

The show ranges from sad to pathetic as all three characters continue to fail at any potential for real relationships — and therein lies the beauty of the show itself. The writers do not seem to be interested in writing a story that backs their characters. There doesn’t seems to be any luck or karma working for the group. The brutal honesty of the entire episode weighs you down in your seat, wondering if you should laugh or cry after every at every pathetic moment in their lives. That is the beauty of the show, the characters don’t seem to be getting any better at life.


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