Watching: ‘Top of the Lake,’ Pt. 4


All it took was a potent bottle of wine and an interesting conclusion to find out all of Robin’s backstory and, possibly, why she’s working so hard to find Tui. Robin was raped when she was 15 by a gang of men after leaving a school dance. A truck pulled up, Robin was upset, and she got in. Worse, nine months down the road she had the baby. Al Parker is convinced that the reason Robin wont give up on Tui is because the two are so alike and that’s not surprising when Robin unveils her theory that Tui was raped by a gang of men, too.

I side with Al on this, assuming that Robin is probably over thinking the “No One” note that Tui left. Robin isn’t at peace with her past, but who would be. She takes her anger out on the one remaining rapist in town from that night when she was 15 — she stabs him with a broken beer glass. She’s losing it. She’s single, having given up on Steve for no apparent reason than what I said in Part Three — she’s self destructive. She is toying with the idea of getting into a serious relationship with Johnno, until he says without saying that he was at Robin’s rape and didn’t do anything about it.

But it seems Robin may still be right to look for Tui because, all of a sudden while Robin is burning off steam on a run, there’s a faceless youngster with a hoodie walking through a field and boy oh boy do I want to think that’s Tui; however, it could be this other boy Jamie, the one who was texting her and apparently took a vow of silence. Either way it’s questionable, because this hooded figure roams around Robin’s property atop of the lake on his or her path back into the woods. Robin chases the figure through the woods, but can’t catch up, and I wonder why she doesn’t tell anyone about what she saw. Maybe, it’s because she feels like she’s the only one left who cares. That said, it was one of the most shocking things yet in this series because out of the blue there’s a hooded figure pacing through a wide open field. It took my breath away.

I’m having trouble with one aspect of the show, though. I’m now past the halfway point and I still don’t understand the importance of Paradise and the ladies there. So far they’ve had a minimal impact on the show. Matt Mitcham goes on a date with one of them and then drives his truck through a gate, throwing said woman off of it. Tui goes there for a while, but I’m not really sure what happened. Robin goes there to look for Tui, but comes up with nothing. The only purpose they’ve served is to the be reason for Bob Platt’s death, which still isn’t being investigated.

Part Five is coming soon.


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