Parks and Recreation: The one with the hashtags


Twitter is an interesting social device and one that I use often, but it’s clearly not something Leslie Knope ever considered; in fact, Amy Poehler doesn’t have an account. The Pawnee Parks department has an account though and it’s working against Leslie after Donna forgets to sign out of the Parks’ Twitter before she tweets something personal, sexual message for a fireman.

Did you know that Donna’s job in the Parks department is running the Twitter? Me either.

I felt bad for Leslie when Jeremy Jamm dug up some of Donna’s personal frustration assaults on Leslie, and I almost wanted to punch Donna in the face before Chris figured out there’s a difference between #bitchboss and #bossbitch — one being degrading, one empowering.

I feel like, as I Twitter user, I should know the simple yet complex difference between an order of words in a hashtag. Leslie learns quickly as she does with most things. The first hashtag (#bitchboss) is meant to emphasize the kind of boss Leslie is sometimes, when she’s annoying. The other one is similar to calling someone a badass, because Jamm and the other Recall Knope supporters aren’t going to get to our Parks hero.

The town purposely blows Donna’s tweet out of proportion, about giving a fireman a tongue bath, by naming the incident Twitter Watergate, because they can’t think of a more clever name. Here come the hearings; however, Leslie finally realizes that these hearings don’t actually mean anything, so she and Donna walk out.


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