Parks and Recreation: The one when Eagletonians assimilate


Often, the writers of Parks and Recreation come up with the concept of an episode that is truly unique and creative. Thursday’s character-driven episode was one of these examples. The Pawnee parks department is absorbing Eagleton’s staff and each of our main characters is faced with a problem they have to deal with in the only way each knows how. For most, it’s about keeping their jobs and for Leslie its about keeping her best friend from leaving. Let’s go through this.


Right away, April can tell that her doppelganger Tynnyfer is only interested in people who think she’s interesting, so what does April do but manipulate her into gaining her trust and sending her away to Dwyane Wade’s house. Ludgate’s sarcasm is full blast in this episode, but Tynnyfer is so naive that she doesn’t have a clue what April is doing — which is a main advantage in everyone’s case, they don’t know each other. For example, Leslie would spot April’s sarcasm a mile away on any other day but one when she’s too distracted by Ann leaving.

You would think Tynnyfer would notice that everything she says April is practically agreeing with besides making up a couple of spinning instructors after Tynnyfer brings it up. April: “Oh my god, Winona rocks my world” Tynnyfer: “Seriously you need to get me in there, that’s a must, must, must.” April is craze-maze at adopting the language and vocal patters (damn, that sounds studious) of anybody and she’s done it again.


Tom’s Eagletonian counterpart is a a computer program (of course it is) that takes away the only reason Tom has a job. Conveniently, the program’s name is E.R.I.C. and Leslie has no idea there are periods in between the letters, so Tom brilliantly creates the worst employee of all time, reading nudey mags at work, playing cards at his desk and drinking humongous sodas.

So when Leslie comes by, a “Eric” isn’t there, that doesn’t look good to the woman who gets to pick who stays and who has to go — but, seriously, Leslie was never not going to pick her friends, right? At least before she thought they were all abandoning her because Donna said Craig cared more about his job than Leslie did.

E.R.I.C. is gone, but Tom wouldn’t be Tom without making his life easier. I think he’s more upset that he didn’t think of the computer program first. He renames the program, appropriately, T.O.M.


When Ann tells Leslie she’s leaving Pawnee with Chris, Leslie thinks she’s making one of those hilarious “…not!” jokes. This is basically Leslie’s worst nightmare and she thinks she’s being totally abandoned by everybody, so she freaks out, as only Leslie would. This is worse than the curse on the fairgrounds.

She thinks she’s lost control of everything, despite being the merger czar. She can’t be happy for Ann, which is exactly how Ben feels when Chris delivers the news over a nice candy salad. Leave it to Ron (the real one) to calm her down and Leslie comes out of this episode ready to talk about Ann’s future.


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