New Girl: The one when the egg yolk breaks


This week, I think we’ll talk about Winston Bishop. THAT’S RIGHT! We’re going to talk about the so-called forgotten roommate because he doesn’t get enough air time and we don’t like at all what’s going on between Schmidt and Jess/Nick — and sometimes in these recaps, which are hard to write, it’s easy to get lost in all that’s happening in all of the central conflict and forget about the most easygoing story line left on the show.

Winston’s only friend is his new cat Ferguson and even though I hate cats I can accept that because nobody else seems to be paying attention to what he’s doing. That was the case last week, when he battled Alice Wetterlund for the community table and they didn’t notice him, even though he was out to prove that he (let’s say this again) could get a table at a chair store. That was the case this week, when the other three troubled roommates looked beyond confused after he was disrupted trying to help Ferguson get some.

In his attempt to get his cat laid, he led on an innocent woman that sees the same vet he does for Ferguson. She thinks he’s interested in her cat when he’s really just interested in her actual cat. Know what I mean? So when he asked her if (her cat) has all its parts, she shyly glanced below her waist and hesitantly said yes. Even so, the joke was rolling-on-the-floor-laughing funny, followed by: “How often do you groom your  cat?”

This is what Winston does, you see. He always thinks one thing is happening when something totally different is, and New Girl‘s writers have perfected this in the show’s third season.

Admittedly, Ferguson is nervous about the “date,” but when Winston’s new cat-owner friend brings win to the cat date, Winston laughs — because cats shouldn’t be drinking wine.

Let’s pause. Stand up. Clap for Winston this season.

Applause… Dimming applause… Stray claps…. Crickets…  Awkward silence….

OK! That was your moment to appreciate what the show has done with Winston’s character this season. Three episodes into season three, the roommates have forgotten about their roommate, ignored the new loft pet and walked away when Winston needed comforting.

It’s sad what’s happening to Winston this season. Anybody who loves this show shouldn’t be happy about what’s going on with Mr. Bishop.

Winston’s new role is to be the character on the show who’s so naive you can’t help but a) worry about him and b) feel like he can do no wrong. That character used to be Schmidt, but now he’s gone off the deep end. New Girl is trying to weather the storm that its three main characters are fighting. Winston is the necessary comic relief.

He’s the first, second and third ending to Wayne’s World before settling on the happy one.


One thought on “New Girl: The one when the egg yolk breaks

  1. I originally was happy that the writers were finally giving Lamorne Morris more much-deserved airtime, but I do agree that they’re making his character into the butt of the joke more often than not. I applaud your restrain in addressing what’s happening with Schmidt…I was so annoyed by it I couldn’t help but make it my focus.

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