Parks and Recreation: The one when cooler heads prevail


We’re dealing with a government shutdown in Washington right now because people can’t get along or agree on anything, but Pawnee and Eagleton are proving that in fictional worlds cooler heads can prevail.

The two towns that hate each other more than the donkeys and elephants are working together to pull caviar-eating, Michael Buble-retaining Eagleton out of a serious debt crisis — the most irresponsible situation Ben and Chris have ever seen in government.

Pawnee will absorb Eagleton, and Leslie is leading the efforts, even though she wants to see those HBO-watching snobs rot away more than anybody. It takes her a few rhymes, a T-shirt design, and a basketball game to realize it, but amid Leslie’s recall vote mess this might give her good karma, at least.

There’s a tiny chance that Leslie’s efforts get her a backing from Eagleton higher ups. Unlikely, because Eagleton doesn’t see its fault in the mess, because hiring Chris Bosh to play for your team in the cross-town basketball game was a smarter decision than hiring Roy Hibbert to shoot hoops in the background of the Entertainment 720 office. Tom sounds more and more like an Eagletonian every day.

That was one of the two big things that happened in this week’s episode. Meanwhile, Ann might actually have learned something from April, which is becoming increasingly more common. She soccer-moms Aprils to Indiana University for veterinarian orientation day. Keeping with tradition, Aprils quickly bounces that idea from the show.

It’s another one of her gut feelings, which Ann is surprised by because she loves Bloomington, at least based on what she sees in the lead-free baby store. But now Ann is having guy feelings, too, and she is definitely going to leave Pawnee with Chris and head to Bloomington to raise their baby.

This may be the greatest plot against Ann that April has never had. Tag along in Ann’s car to go to this orientation deal, decide not to go while Ann falls in love with the place, and then one things leads to another and Ann is basically playing with the idea of moving away from April, which would be her dream come true.

Then, there’s this:


How bout ‘dem apples?


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