New Girl: The one with Old Man and Old Lady

new girl

Jess is having trouble making friends at work because she doesn’t realize she’s the nerd the popular teachers (The Office‘s Angela Kinsey, included) reject, but leave it to Nick to try to bribe them with free teaching supplies (worth about “15 and a halfy”) and when that doesn’t work invite them to his bar. There, he tells Jess one of his secrets — you have to drink to be cool.

Meanwhile, Winston and Schmidt struggle with their relationships. Winston is falling for Daisy, but Daisy is using him to take care of her cat. He thinks one thing: you wouldn’t just ask an unimportant boyfriend to watch your cat. She thinks she can use him, but she slips up when he comes over and she has a man in her shower.

Schmidt, we’ll get to him later, because now Nick is dealing with issues had by his “Old Lady” and Winston, who now intends to kill Daisy’s cat in revenge — it’s only a matter of how, and Winston being the merciful man decides he’s going to let the cat decide how it wants to die (so funny). While Nick tries to talk him out of it, Jess comes barging into the apartment, where we realize the gang belongs after a so-so Mexico stint, talking about doing something illegal with her new teaching buddies. She’s going to break into her boss’ backyard with the cool teachers to jump in the jacuzzi. “I don’t know what to do,” Nick shouts, stuck in the middle of two crazy people running about the loft.

The “Old Man” Nick follows Jess to her boss’ house where it looks like the cool teachers might be setting Jess up, because in any real-life initiation to a friendship circle, you always break into somewhere and make the noob go first. As is always the case, she falls over, Nick jumps the fence to save her (because he’s her Old Man and has to protect her) and they both get caught. But the principal is kind of a crazy guy, so he invites them into the jacuzzi with him.

Part of Jess’ problem was that she was trying to be somebody she’s not. She’s a cute nerd, not a daring jock. Sure, Nick was feeding her some bad ideas, too, but that’s probably something we’re going to see more often now that they’re together. In any relationship, the two involved absorb some of the other one’s personality. That makes this situation more interesting, and maybe for the first time it makes it something I’m really interested to watch.

With Nick away, Winston settled down after almost killing the cat with a hammer. He decides he’s going to confront Daisy, who admits to cheating on him. So much to our surprise and enjoyment, Winston keeps the cat.

Winston is the definitive one in this episode, as Schmidt bounces between Elizabeth and Cece at a work party and even though both see each other they’re too caught up in Schmidt’s play to realize why they’re both really there. So, that story line continues; at least for another week.

The episode, though, was much better than the Mexico season opener because it was so much funnier and the characters were back in their element — Nick at the bar, Jess at school, Schmidt at work battling sexy co-worker Beth, and Winston roaming the apartment finding Winston-things to do.


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