Late Night: Affleck on Timberlake being perfect


Ben Affleck was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Monday night joking about working with Justin Timberlake, who is his co-star in the upcoming October release of Runner, Runner. We know Timberlake is a really good actor in The Social Network and Friends with Benefits, and he was decorated with the biggest award of honor at the MTV Video Music Awards, and Affleck let us in on a little information about his basketball skills. Here’s what he told Fallon:

I hated working with him. He’s so bad for your self esteem because there’s nothing that guy can’t do. He dances like Michael Jackson, he sings, he writes music. He made the Herculean leap — there’s 400 million boy bands and he’s the one guy that became a gigantic star.

And I was on the set one day, looking over, like, “Who’s that guy hitting shots from half court?” And he’s just like, “Oh, that’s just me.” In a suit. He was like, “You wanna go golfing.” I asked him “Are you a good golfer.” He’s like, “Oh a scratch golfer”—”No I don’t want to go golfing with you.” I don’t want to play with you. You make me feel like shit!

And the whole thing with Justin is that since he’s such a huge star, big star, I found myself subconsciously singing the man’s songs.

And he submitted for an Emmy. It’s going to follow me everywhere in this life. Matt Damon? Nominated for an Emmy, this year. I don’t know anyone that’s not getting an Emmy. I have friends from home getting Emmys.

Since you probably can’t pick up on the sarcasm through text, the video is here. The Emmys are Sunday. Affleck and Timberlake’s new movie comes out October 4.


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