It’s really not that exciting that Coach is returning to ‘New Girl’


The return of the coach, Damon Wayans Jr., is one of the not-so-secret secrets about this season’s New Girl. The stars of the show are talking about his return as Coach, an original roommate who appeared in the pilot episode of the show, and they’re excited — an emotion we can’t match.

I remember when I started to watch Parks and Recreation and felt the horrendous ache that Paul Schneider left on the show, and I wanted him gone because he was just so awful. In Parks‘ case, Schneider was like a mountain the show had to climb over; I mean, he was a ridiculous love interest/coworker for Leslie. It’s even more silly when you consider who Leslie is with now.

What worked elsewhere on Parks was that you’d watch a show about each character individually. I’d watch a Donna, April, Chris, etc. show, and I’m sure somebody somewhere would watch a Jerry show. Nobody wants to watch a Paul Schneider show. He had to go.

Coach effected New Girl in a different way — note that he lasted one episode and Schneider was around for more than one season. Coach didn’t fit in the roommate paradox. Jess, Nick, Schmidt and Winston work because nobody is dominant over another. They’re all kind of falling over everything together.

Wayans’ character was bigger and buffer than anyone on the show, which is a total opposite of the aspect of Winston that really works. Winston is this scrawny guy who played basketball in Europe. He’s not intimidating.

In Coach’s brief stay with the roommates, there was one thing he did for certain: He intimidated the hell out of Jess. Why would we want Jess to be intimidated? Zooey Deschanel is excellent by herself and it’d only make things more complicated if this big burly man was walking around the apartment.

The stars of the show say they’re excited for Wayans’ return, which is reportedly happening mid-season. They say there will be much more revealed about Coach’s character, including his backstory with the three guys and what happened that made him have to leave.

We know he was committed to a different show, on ABC, but we choose to believe that he was ousted because people weren’t fans of his in the apartment.

If nothing else, please don’t take away more of Winston’s lines because that’s already overdone.


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