One more reason to love the adorable Anna Kendrick

I adore Anna Kendrick. Everything she does gives me more reason to gush over her and as if I didn’t already have enough, GQ released a fantastic personal interview with her on Wednesday regarding dating tips and advice (a.k.a How to Date Anna Kendrick).

Wednesday afternoon, she joked on Twitter about how the music in the video makes everything she says seem like it needs to be taken seriously, though she noted, “nothing I say should be taken that way, ever #EverEver.” The aforementioned tweet is another example of her quirkiness on social media—an entertainment landscape she totally dominates.

Over the past six months, we’ve realized four things about her: a) she’s really funny, b) she’s a terrific actress, c) she has staying power in the music business, and d) she’s in an elite category of likable actresses that includes Jennifer Lawrence. In fact, went so far as to tweet that—”Sometimes we like to daydream about having a girls night out with @AnnaKendrick47 & Jennifer Lawrence. Can’t comprehend how perfect it’d be.”

Her sense of humor and comedic timing are shown in the GQ interview, although you only get the full effect of it by watching it yourself. Here was her dating advice:

Two subjects never to bring up on a first date…
Anything to do wit the actual reality of your family and, you know, liver cancer and how we all probably got it.

Paying on a first date…
Is a tricky thing because, even though it’s meaningless, if a guy doesn’t or doesn’t offer, it suggests poor judgement more than anything else.

On serenading her…
If a guy was like, “Let me serenade you,” and it was bad and I had to lie about it—can’t have it.

On one of her favorite first dates…
A guy was mad at me because I’d never tried… Del Taco, I think? So we, like, went through the drive thru of Del Taco and it was super cute. If you can make Del Taco romantic then I think you’ve got a good thing going.

If sex is off the table…
And, like, let’s get to know each other. I’d recommend drinking, highly.

In final…
That was probably not all good advice, but I hope that you take it seriously… anyway. Romance? It’s hard. It’s tricky.

Throughout the interview, she maintains this innocent, shy smile—the same smile we often see from her. Frankly, it’s a smile that makes us blush watching her.

To her advice, don’t take this dating advice seriously, although if you can make Del Taco romantic then bravo to you. She doesn’t pretend to know everything, which I think is a great part about her personality. And she’ humble. Have you seen her Instagram video response to the success of her “Cups” song? It’s 15 seconds of hilarious silence. It’s all in the facial expressions.

Yes, we love Anna Kendrick. That’s been established. It’s different to see her in a provocative photo shoot with GQ, but that’s OK. She’s a powerful young actress, though, most importantly, she’s not fazed by it.

Until next time, Anna. Until next time.


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