Andrew Rannells talks to The L Magazine about ‘Girls’

We don’t know a lot about the upcoming season, after all it doesn’t start until 2014, but after the season three teaser was released for HBO’s “Girls” we wondered how Elijah (Andrew Rannells) would return to the show. Rannells talked to The L Magazine‘s Kristin Iversen recently about the show and told us only a little about how he returns.

Regarding Elijah’s return…

I was just in New York, actually, finishing up Season 3. I can’t really talk about it too much. I was very excited they had me back. It was very nice to be asked back. What I can say is that Elijah comes back as if, in some ways, no time has passed. He sort of drops back into that circle of friends and all the shenanigans start up again. In a way, that is so true to life; that happens with friends. People come in and out, and he comes back in again and starts up with all the same bullshit again.

What we might take from this is that Elijah’s return will be similar to the way he got so involved in the first place. No, we’re not talking about Hannah seeking him out to tell him she has HPV. We’re talking about Jessa’s wedding, when Hannah was looking for a roommate and stumbled into him.

That way he’ll come back “as if, in some ways, no times has passed.” Hell, he could show up at another warehouse party for all we know. Either way, we’re excited for “all the shenanigans to start up again.”

Read the rest of the Rannells’ conversation, during which he talks about the Marnie sex scene and the rave with Hannah. Can you believe it was just Vitamin B12?


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